Skype Sign Up

Skype is a free online application for video conference and instant messaging, through which the distant users can keep contact with each other. But both of them should have an account in Skype and the new users should know the exact process for Skype sign up, so that they can create their accounts within a very short time and start communicating over the Skype, by availing all the facilities offered by this application. Skype is accessible from all computers and mobile devices of the interested new members.

Distinct steps to be followed for Skype sign up procedure

  • The new user needs to open the homepage of Skype that is, for opening his/her account here.
  • On this homepage, he/she will find ‘Sign Up’ written on the topmost right-hand side. You should be clicked for directing to the web page titled ‘Create an account’ for successful Skype sign up.
  • If the new member has a Facebook account, he/she may use it to sign up in Skype, by sharing all the information of his/her Facebook profile here. On the other hand, if he/she has a Microsoft account, that account information can also be used for opening the new Skype account. On either of the ways, the user just needs to enter his/her username and password used for Facebook or Microsoft, for creating new Skype account.
Skype sign up registration form
  • If the user does not have an account in Facebook or Microsoft, then he/she will have to follow the steps needed to be taken for opening his/her new Skype account. An online form will appear on the screen. Now he/she should enter compulsorily his/her first name and last name. After that email id of the user, the residing country of the new member and the language in which he/she will be communicating on Skype.
skype registration form
  • There is some optional information to be filled up too, which can be entered or not according to the wish of the new member. This information includes the date of birth, gender, mobile phone number and the city where the member resides. If this member is supposed to travel a lot, he/she can mention any one country from where he/she will be mostly accessing the newly opened Skype account.

Registration Process Continues…

  • Next, the new member may answer to an optional question that whether this Skype account will be needed for personal reason or commercial purpose.
  • Now the new member should decide a Skype name that will be displayed against his profile in Skype. And this Skype name cannot be changed later on. So if at all the user wants a different Skype name, he/she will have to create a new account in Skype.
  • Finally, a password with desired strength has to be entered and verified for completing the Skype sign up process. The new member should also opt whether he/she wants to receive promotional sales messages from Skype through SMS or email.
  • The member will also enter the CAPTCHA words as shown in the given box on the screen. It can be refreshed if the member cannot understand the exact alphabets.
  • Next, he/she should read the terms and conditions of Skype, before agreeing to them, for finally downloading the Skype on his/her device.

Skype is highly enjoyable and free application for unlimited communication, which can be downloaded on the mobiles too.

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