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Skype Probelm – Skype is Blocked! – How to Unblock Skype

In order to avoid the continuous threat of revenue loss to the evolving Skype, many telecom giants in foreign countries have decided to implement censorship filters to block Skype traffic. For example, we know that telecom companies in Belize, Brazil, Mexico, China, Columbia, Cuba, Panama, UAE and some other countries in middle East Asia and South America are doing this practice. Skype traffic is either slowed down via connection speed, or is completely blocked in those countries.

If you have relatives and friends in those countries in which Skype is censored, or you need to travel regularly to those countries, you might have already experienced the frustration of not being able to conduct your favorite cost effective, high sound quality Skype calls. Here is a known solution for the issue: you can utilize the VPN technology to by-pass the installed censorship filter and unblock Skype. You can either setup your own VPN server or buy VPN access from existing VPN service providers on the market. You can also strengthen the security while using VPN connection on the road because the communication between the VPN server and you is always encrypted.

Buying VPN access from existing VPN service providers is the easier way to accomplish this. The monthly subscription fee is around $15 ~ $30 depending on the service provider you pick. You can enjoy a significant price drop if you decide to purchase an annual subscription – with fees as low as $100. The process of initiating a VPN access is not complicated. You first need to connect to the local ISP provider to get online. You then need to connect to the VPN server using the provided ID and password. After this, you can route all your internet traffic, including Skype, via the VPN server and bypass any restrictions in place. The following is an example of how to set up VPN access to Blacklogic, one of the available VPN service providers on the market, on a Windows XP machine.

  • Choose Start > Settings > Network Connections > New Connection Wizard.
  • Choose “Connect to the network at my workplace” and click “Next”.
  • Choose “Virtual Private Network connection” and click “Next”.
  • Enter a name for the VPN connection (e.g. “Blacklogic”) and click “Next”.
  • If you don’t need to dial up to the Internet before you can connect to Blacklogic, choose “Do not dial the initial connection”. Otherwise choose the connection to use. Click “Next”.
  • Enter “” as the VPN server host name and click “Next”.
  • Check “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop” if desired, then click “Finish”.
  • Enter your Blacklogic user name and password.
  • You are now connected to Blacklogic VPN service and can start to conduct Skype calls.

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