Skype Privacy Settings, Groups and Video Calls

In this post, we are going to talk about some Skype Privacy Settings relating to Group and Video calls, and address the issue of Who can Contact you on Skype. These are some simple, easy-to-solve issues, which we generally tend to overlook, without realizing that they might be affecting your video call quality.

Skype Privacy Settings

To change your Skype privacy settings, from the menu bar, click Skype > Privacy. You will be able to configure your settings here.

To make a Video Call, your contact request has to be accepted by your friend

Many users have this query of not being able to make a video call to their friend. The reason behind this issue can be, that one of them has sent the request to the other, and they have not accepted it yet. While using Skype on a Mobile device or tablet, it’s quite possible that the user is not able to see this, which prevents the call to go through. Therefore, if you are facing this issue, the first thing to do is to confirm whether they have accepted the request or not.

Who can contact you on Skype

This is one of the most important Skype privacy settings, which most users tend to forget and then get bothered by unwanted calls and messages. To apply and save these settings for all platforms, you need to sign in your Skype app on your Windows Desktop.

The Skype privacy settings allow you to control your voice calls, instant messages and the way you want to share your screen with or receive video from and much more. As shown in the screen below, at the most Skype gives the option of sharing with anyone (that includes any Skype User), people in your contact list or simply no one. Like, for instance, if you do not wish to share the fact that you use a video camera, with your Skype contacts, simply chose the option “No one.”

Furthermore, if you have an online Skype Number, you have three options which you can choose for the way you want your inbound calls to be:

  • Allow calls from anyone
  • Allow calls from anyone, except any hidden numbers
  • Allow calls only from the numbers saved to your contact list

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What happens to the Skype privacy settings during group chats and calls

Group chats and calls can be a little tricky when it comes to privacy settings, but keeping in mind the following points will surely help you:

  • Only your Skype Contacts can add you to a group chat and vice versa.
  • Once the group chat starts, you will receive messages from everyone added in the group, including members who are not on your contact list.
  • You cannot receive any files from members outside your contact list.
  • If a group call is initiated by someone, not on your list, you will get the option to join the call, but you won’t see the usual pop-up, notifying an inbound call.
  • Similarly, if someone (who isn’t on your list) wants to share their screen in the group call/chat, you will receive a notification, asking you to accept or decline the request.

I’m sure these simple, yet important tips will help in creating a better Skype experience for you. If you are new to Skype, you might want to see how to set up Skype and check out these Skype login tips too.

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