Skype for Business Contact Center Solutions

Enrich the Customer Experience

Seamlessly unify enterprise communications and omnichannel customer service through a native integration with Skype for Business. Enrich the customer experience with ubiquitous access to all Skype for Business channels (including instant message, voice and video) along with other channels such as email, social and web. Unified customer journeys and analytics across Skype for Business and other channels allow your business to better anticipate customer needs, thus providing a truly exceptional customer experience across all engagements.

Innovate with Best-of-Suite Customer Engagement

Customer experience is critical to your organization. When selecting your platform for customer engagement, choose a partner with a proven track record, a strong vision, and the scale and expertise to partner with your organization to add value at every step. Genesys has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure for 9 years running and the only leader with a Skype Certified solution.

Why does this matter? You need a CX platform that can deliver and a partner that has a vision for the art of the possible.

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Extend Customer Service Throughout the Enterprise

Reduce effort for your customers and your team. Agents are empowered to quickly collaborate–using Skype for Business voice, IM, or video–with any available expert across the enterprise to expedite first contact resolutions of customer inquiries, truly putting the enterprise–not just the contact center–at the service of the customer.

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Virtualize the Contact Center

Remove geographical restrictions and discover the benefits of virtualizing operations with the ubiquity of Skype for Busiess and intelligence of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. A centralized virtual contact center makes efficient use of distributed and varied workforces by matching the appropriate agent with the customer depending on the reason for the interaction and the channel of communication.

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Choose Native Integration

Not all integrations are created equally. Rather than simply integrate with Skype for Business a native integration is, in effect, a part of Skype for Business. This eliminates complexity and is considerably easier to install, administer and support, resulting in lower cost of ownership. Native integrations can take advantage of new capabilities immediately as they are added to the Skype for Business platform and the Microsoft “Certified for Skype for Business” designation assures compatibility and reliability for investment protection.

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