Skype for Android Once Again Allows Portrait Mode in Video Calls

The Skype for Android development made a rather baffling design decision with the app’s last update. It eliminated the possibility of using the app in portrait mode and it forced all video calls to be made in landscape mode. That may not have been an issue for owners of 10.1-inch widescreen tablets, but Nexus 7 owners discovered landscape calling was very awkward due to the camera’s position on the tablet. With today’s Skype update, portrait calling has made its triumphant return.

There’s still a little problem with the app. Although video calls can be done in portrait mode, the app itself forces us to hold our devices in landscape mode. Again, this decision is not going to make small tablet and smartphone owners happy. The Skype app used to support both orientations, so it’s a mystery why Skype is so reluctant to embrace portrait mode.

Other changes made in this update include support for Portuguese, Norwegian and the United Kingdom’s English language. As usual, there are also some unknown tweaks and fixes in the update as well.

If you find yourself unwilling to cope with this update, you can always seek out an older version of Skype for Android somewhere on the internet. That’s what I did when portrait calling was taken out, and everything worked fine.

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