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Want to improve your conversational English, business English, or academic English? ? My name is Laughton and I am a native English speaker from the USA, and have studied at the university-level in both the USA and the UK (including Oxford University), and my specialty is helping you to improve your English to become the best it can be!

Skype native English teacher

I am also an artist, musician, and author, having published a novel in English (2013), and have several years’ experience in helping people improve their English skills, as well as in business. My personal English vocabulary is about 34,000 words, which is in the top 1% of all native English speakers. (I can help with both American English and British English).

Remember: Nothing can replace the valuable, real-time feedback you will receive from an educated native English speaker.

My fee is 15 euros (or equivalent in your local currency, please look below for your local currency price) for 55 minutes, and you can pay for lessons one at a time. Our lessons are via Skype or Google Hangouts. Send me a message and let’s get started!

Become a Student! ?

Payment can be made after each lesson via Paypal, or, if you don’t have Paypal, we can arrange another method for payment (such as bank transfer, within the European Union).

Skype English Conversation

Below are the prices for 55-minute English conversation lessons on Skype, in different currencies:

Amsterdam, Netherlands (Amsterdam, Nederland), €15 EUR; Antwerp, Netherlands (Antwerpen, Nederland), €15 EUR; Athens, Greece, €15 EUR; Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona, España), €15 EUR; Belgrade, Serbia, 1859 RSD; Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Belo Horizonte, Brasil), 51 BRL; Berlin, Germany (Berlin, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Bilbao, Spain (Bilbao, España), €15 EUR; Birmingham, United Kingdom (Birmingham, England), £12.80 GBP; Bremen, Germany (Bremen, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Bristol, United Kingdom (Bristol, England), £12.80 GBP; Brussels, Belgium (Bruxelles, Belgique), €15 EUR; Bucure?ti, România, 68 RON; Budapest, Hungary (Budapest, Magyarország), 4670 HUF; Buenos Aires, Argentina, 255 ARS; Cardiff, United Kingdom (Cardiff, Wales), £12.80 GBP; Cologne-Bonn, Germany (Rhein-Süd, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Copenhagen, Denmark (København, Danmark), 112 DKK; Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Dubai-Dubayy, UAE), 59 AED; Dublin, Ireland, €15 EUR; Düsseldorf-Neuss, Germany (Rhein-Nord, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Frankfurt-Rhine-Main, Germany (Rhein-Main-Gebiet, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Glasgow, United Kingdom (Glasgow, Scotland), £12.80 GBP; Hamburg, Germany (Hamburg, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Helsinki, Finland (Helsinki, Suomi), €15 EUR; Istanbul, Turkey (?stanbul, Türkiye), 63 TRY; Katowice, Poland (Katowice, Polska), 66 PLN; Kraków, Poland (Kraków, Polska), 66 PLN; Lille–Kortrijk–Tournai, France, €15 EUR; Lisbon, Portugal (Lisboa, Portugal), €15 EUR; Liverpool, United Kingdom (Liverpool, England), £12.80 GBP; ?ód?, Poland (?ód?, Polska), 66 PLN; London, United Kingdom (London, England), £12.80 GBP; Lyon, France, €15 EUR; Madrid, Spain (Madrid, España), €15 EUR; Manchester, United Kingdom (Manchester, England), £12.80 GBP; Marseille, France, €15 EUR; Melbourne, Australia, $22 AUD; Mexico City, Mexico (Ciudad de México, México), 336 MXN; Milan, Italy (Milano, Italia), €15 EUR; Minsk, Belarus, 405 BYN; Monterrey, México, 336 MXN; Moscow, Russia, 961 RUB; Mumbai, India, 1093 INR; Munich, Germany (Munich, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Naples, Italy (Napoli, Italia), €15 EUR; Newcastle, United Kingdom (Newcastle, England), £12.80 GBP; Nice, France, €15 EUR; Nottingham, United Kingdom (Nottingham, England), £12.80 GBP; Nuremberg, Germany (Nürnberg, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Oslo, Norway (Oslo, Norge), 134 NOK; Paris, France, €15 EUR; Porto, Portugal, €15 EUR; Riga, Latvia (R?ga, Latvija), €15 EUR; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), 51 BRL; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 61 SAR; Rome, Italy (Roma, Italia), €15 EUR; Rotterdam, Germany (Rotterdam, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Ruhr, Germany (Ruhrgebiet, Deutschland), €15 EUR; São Paulo, Brazil (São Paulo, Brasil), 51 BRL; Shanghai, China (Shanghai-Hu-Shen, China), 111 CNY; Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm, Sverige), 142 SEK; Stuttgart, Germany (Stuttgart, Deutschland), €15 EUR; Sydney, Australia, $22 AUD; The Hague, Netherlands (DenHaag, Nederland), €15 EUR; Thessaloniki, Greece, €15 EUR; Tokyo, Japan, 1848 JPY; Toronto, Canada, $22 CAD; Turin, Italy (Torino, Italia), €15 EUR; Valencia, Spain (Valencia, España), €15 EUR; Vienna, Austria (Wien, Österreich), €15 EUR; Warsaw, Poland (Warszawa, Polska), 66 PLN; West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Bradford-Leeds, England), £12.80 GBP; Wroc?aw, Poland (Wroc?aw, Polska), 66 PLN; Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Yorkshire, England), £12.80 GBP; Zagreb, Croatia (Zagreb, Hrvatska), 113 HRK; Zurich, Switzerland (Zurich, Schweiz), 16 CHF.

Finally, here is a short sample from the audiobook version of my novella, Last Off (The St. Ambrose Press, 2013), read by a talented friend of mine! ?

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