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1-to-1 Online English Lessons with Native English Teachers from £12/lesson

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You will get much more speaking time because you are the only student. The teacher can focus their energy on you, so you will learn a lot faster.

All teachers are from the UK, so you can learn to speak everyday English with an English accent as it is spoken there.

Both the lesson content and teachers are fun. This will give you enjoyable lessons, making the learning process easier.

The lessons are designed to get you speaking confidently, quickly.

You can select which teacher you want to have your lessons with, so you can build a strong relationship with them. They will learn how to teach you best allowing you to learn a lot easier.

Every lesson is based around topics that are relevant to your life, so you only learn the English that you are going to need everyday.

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5 Lessons

£14per lesson


10 Lessons

£13per lesson


20 Lessons

£12per lesson


The teacher is great and all you need to get better is dedication and practice. I’m really happy with my progress and I certainly recommend this!

I’ve only just had 5 lessons and I’m already seeing an improvement!

Hesham El-Shimy, Egypt

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Skype English Class

Online classes contain all the components of a traditional language school class, minus distractions and noise coming from other students. Distance learning by Skype allows for a good audio quality experience, essential for practicing pronunciation and speaking. The video call option enhances the overall tutor-student communication, as lip movements, facial expressions and gestures make important constituents of language acquisition. Sending text, audio and video files via Skype is effortless and makes online classes multimedia- oriented for an improved studying pace.

The tutor will also develop an English course around any of the standard international exams needed, like FCE, CAE, CPE or IELTS, among others. Most importantly, English taught and learned this way is the real language native speakers use on an every day basis. The tutor explains obscure idioms and cultural references as well, making the student competent for communication in an English-speaking environment.

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