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Skype is a highly popular name among the people who utilize only reliable applications to communicate with their associates living even in far distant areas. It was an instant hit and has millions of users all over the world. Skype is available for all platforms including Mac, Android, Windows and some Linux distributions. Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 and has brought some impressive changes in the app. The updates have been proving very helpful to enhance user experience. Skype has always been highly popular but it is gaining more popularity in recent years but still, users getting some technical problem with their Skype account.


Skype Technical Problems:

  • Skype app crashes: There are various files that are linked to Skype which have to work perfectly so that Skype can run without any problem. Any error in any of the files can cause Skype to crash while even starting up. Moreover, there can be various other reasons that can cause the trouble. Our Skype experts are experienced enough to handle the problem properly and offer you an instant and reliable fix without affecting any other files.
  • Problem in contact addition: It can be very irritating if you have to call someone on Skype and have to add his contact but you are unable to do so. If you are having trouble in adding someone to your contact list, you can contact our professionals for a quick solution.
  • Problem with Skype calls: You can always rely on our experts if you are having any trouble with your Skype calls. Whether you are unable to make a call or not receiving an expected one, our experts can fix the problem instantly.
  • Forgot Skype password: It can be a huge problem if you are unable to login to your Skype account because you have lost Skype password. Our experts are highly capable of recovering Skype password instantly without having any trouble. You can avail our Skype technical support even if you are unable to reset Skype password.
  • Unable to share your screen: One of the most attractive features of Skype is screen sharing. It has various uses especially when it comes to the professional users. But if you are unable to share your screen, our skilled Skype professionals can resolve the problem within no time.
  • Low call or video quality: If you are having trouble with your call or video quality, our professionals can fix the problem immediately allowing you to enjoy even better voice and video quality.

How to Contact Official Skype Customer Care:

  • Official Skype forum –
  • Official support request page –
  • YouTube channel –
  • Skype Facebook pages –
  • Skype Customer Support Phone number – Support phone number is not mentioned

Third Party Skype Customer Support:

Followings are some of the most attractive features of our Skype customer support:

  • A dedicated team of Skype professional available 24/7 to serve the customers
  • No need to wait to get your query answered by an expert
  • All the solutions are offered by qualified and seasoned technicians
  • Instant solutions to all Skype problems
  • Our experts provide only the most suitable solutions
  • Instant fix for call quality
  • Solutions to the problems with Skype to Skype calls as well as Skype to landline or mobile calls
  • Ensured hacked Skype account recovery by qualified and skilled tech support
  • Solutions to Skype configuration problems
  • Solutions to connectivity problems
  • Guaranteed Skype password recovery

How We Are Better Than Official Skype Support:

  • Offering Skype customer care round the clock
  • Users can have a direct access to Skype experts
  • A team of capable enough to handle any problem without any hassle
  • Providing quick response to the queries received from customers
  • Guaranteed solutions
  • We provide permanent solutions
  • Offering only the best possible solutions
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

We Are Accessible via:

  • Customer service email
  • Live chat
  • Toll free number (for Canada and USA only)

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