Skype Control for Google Chrome

Skype Control for Google Chrome

Extension Features

  • Adds a button to the toolbar, which displays your contact list and their online status.
  • Initiate a call or chat directly from the contact list in the brwoser
  • Mark your contacts as favorites so they sort to the top of the list
  • Change your online status
  • Supports for Skype Out numbers you have saved in your contact list
  • Hides offline users
  • Quick access to show your minimized Skype window


  • This requires Skype to be installed on a Windows PC.
  • Mac version may come in the future if there is demand.


  • Chrome extensions are not allowed to communicate directly to your Skype application, so a second program is needed to faciliate the communication.

Skype Control Relay | Chrome Extension Note: both of the above are required to make this work.

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