Skype Connection

Windows 8 Directions

Step 1: Access Skype search function

Open skype on your computer, and click this button to search the skype directory.

Step 2: Search for Join.Conference

Type in Join.Conference with your keyboard, then press enter.

Step 3: Search Skype Directory

When no results are returned, click the button to ‘Search Directory’.

Step 4: Select the Join.conference Skype id

Click on the top result for Join.conference.

Step 5: Click to dial the skype id

Click this button in the lower left hand side of the page to connect to Join.conference.

Step 6: Open the virtual dial pad

Click the middle icon to open advanced options, then click ‘Dial Pad’.

Step 7: Enter the 6 digit host or guest pin code (conference id)

Use your keyboard or mouse to enter the 6 digit id number (do not copy and paste), then use # to confirm. You are now connected!

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