Skype can’t connect Issue

Skype can’t connect? Definitely you are experiencing a serious disorder of Skype and have gone surplus amount of times through a tyrannical error message”  Skype can’t connect  “, when you needed a important conversation with loved ones, office colleagues or classmates if you are a student. That is the rationale you are here.

Skype Can't Connect Reasons

Skype may perhaps not be in perfect condition like the video is blurry or broken; the audio is distorted or may sound robotic. Several reasons below are worth mentioning and should be considered seriously to get to the bottom of the chaos.

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Diagnosing the origin of the problem is mostly ignored thing which let the issue indispensable. I mean the issue may possibly not be on your side, it might be the wrongly configured Skype at you partner side. In worse cases, the Skype’s server infrastructure is facing issues. So identify the end at which the issue is existing.

  1. If Skype can’t connect: Call other person and look if the same problem occurs like the one you called previously, it means the problem is at your side, or with the Skype servers infrastructure.
  2. If you see that, calling other person you did not experience the problem, it means the problem was with the person you were calling first time. Also the Skype infrastructure is ok.
  3. Third step is to check if the Skype structure is ok or not. You can check if it is exactly the Skype infrastructure having issues, until you ask your friend or family member to try calling others on Skype. The other way is through Skype Heartbeat diagnostic method described below.

Note: You don’t have control over they Skype infrastructure or the person’s end that you are calling to, but you have the control at your end. You must further go through the article if you went through above steps and found the issue your end only.

After discovering the origin of problem, we should follow the right trail below to solve issues at our side.

1 -Visit Skype Heartbeat Page

If Skype can’t connect due to any factor, either its configuration, hardware or internet availability, this step is ought to be mandatory. web page let you identify status of Skype aspects linked to your account like your Skype online number, SMS, and Online skype to skype Call. It is the way to find out if there are issues with Skype servers or infrastructure. If the page shows problems, the only thing you can do is a wait for to resolve the problem and once the status page got everything fine, try reconnecting again later.

It is how to solve Skype Can't Connect problem

If you haven’t discovered anything weird, go to next step.

2- Disordered Audio Configurations

A straightforward but forgotten issue if Skype can’t connect. Audio Settings section under Skype Options is contains mechanism to verify the status of audio concerns like microphone and speakers. This section appears just after clicking over Tools dropdown menu near top-center and choosing Options.

Solve The Problem Of Skype Cant Connect

I – Microphone Testing:

  1. After connecting microphone to relevant jack, speak loudly, if it is working, a horizontal green bar would rise from left to right depending on the loudness of your voice. If it is so, microphone is satisfactory.
  2. If bar is not moving, click on drop down and select right microphone type. Keep changing microphone types until the green bar moves, while speaking to it.
Skype Can't Connect - Solution

3. If it is not, check to see the microphone On/Off button.

4. Consider replacing microphone if it is not working while the button is on.

II- Speaker (Head Set) Testing:

  1. Hit round green button with arrow in it, and you would hear a Skype call beep sound for a while, and the green horizontal bar will move left to right the same way as in case of microphone testing. If so, congrats, speakers are thriving.
    Skype Cant't Connect -Solution
  2. If not, from relevant drop down menu choose right kind of speakers, try changing until you hear calling tone by pressing green play button.

III – Physical Audio Hardware Testing

After going through entire configuration options in Skype application, if it didn’t help you will most probably perform other viable hardware checks:

  1. You may have a combined microphone and headset unit or both separately. In both cases mute switches or ON/OFF buttons are available at the cords. It is possible the button or switch may be turned off.
    Skype Can't Connect error - solution
  2. Microphone and headset (or speakers) must be inserted into the proposed cord. Usually a standard pink jack color (with MIC IN mentioned at back) is found to be used for microphone and speakers or headset should be put in green jack.
    Skype Can't Connect solution to problem
  3. Some new microphones are coming with new standards of ports like USB, with some advanced functions. Even some are designed to be used after the drivers are installed. So make sure their USB drivers are installed.
  4. It is also found that at front of the Desktop Tower CPU jacks do not work because their internal connection with motherboard is not made. So use the jacks at back of the CPU unit.
  5. Finally in worse cases the wire may be broken internally. To confirm that, use another headphone and microphone.

3- Video Settings

Having a digital Webcam attached to one of USB ports, Video Settings portion under Tools->Options let you manage video configurations and its live testing. Having a well configured webcam you can directly see video in this window. If nothing is shown, it’s probably due to unavailability of drivers in PC. Install it from CD that came with Webcam or you may get it downloaded from relevant website. If still Skype can’t connect, follow steps from scratch:

  1. Check the Cam wire is attached to USB port.
  2. Drivers are installed correctly.
  3. Check wire break problem.
  4. Some Web Cams connect wirelessly to computer via WiFi. Check to make sure the computer and Webcam’s WiFi is in ON state. If WiFi not working check Wife drivers are installed in PC.
    Solution of Skype Can't Connect Problem

4- Test Call

If you are obstructed with Skype’scan’t connect issue, Skype app doesn’t abandon you in such situation like it facilitate you with a Test Call method to verify connectivity with both Skype-to-Infrastructure ( or Connectivity to Skype Server) and Skype-to-hardware. Under Audio Settings at bottom, you would discover a blue link named “Make a free test call” proceeding with an icon. After clicking it, Test Call Service would suggest you some steps one after another. It makes you go thorough following steps.

  1. Skype-To-Infrastructure Connectivity

If the internet is not connected or the Skype server is not responding, it will tell you in advance to make you sure that connectivity should be available or if server problem exists.

2. Skype-To-Hardware Connectivity

If the first step is OK, it would assist you to speak loudly in microphone after a tiny beep. Then records your spoken words and play it back so that you can testify that your microphone worked correctly.

Skype Can't Connect Issue Solved

Another way you can testify your side is by calling echo123 and a dummy user would instruct you about the rest of the process.

After following the process shown above, you would be able to verify all your speakers/headset and microphone and internet connection ultimately. If it is working, it means your side is more than fine. You should tell the other person to follow the same steps to check if his Skype can’t connect.

Skype Can't Connect Solved

Bandwidth Usage

Mostly people use Asynchronous DSL connections where download speed is greater than upload speed, and it is often that people on the same network perform bandwidth intensive jobs, like online video streaming, listening songs, and using high speed internet downloader like IDM that multiplies download speed to even 5 times more. If it happens on your network, that may be the reason of poor call quality for both audio and video cases. Traffic congestion like this may be noticed via robotic voice quality or some times Skype can’t connect even.

To get Skype can’t connect situation abandoned, you must stop all bandwidth intensive jobs must be stopped immediately and try recalling the person you wish to. The same issue must be resolved at other end.

Skype Can't Connect Problem

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