Skype Call Recorder for Windows Tips and Guides

[Updated 6-30]

Skype Call Recorder is a small piece of software that recording calls made on Skype, for those who are yet to be won over by its brilliance, is a totally free application that lets you make phone calls within the internet (to other Skype users) for nothing. So long as the person at the other end does the same, it is possible to click their username to call them.

Sometimes, recording Skype calls on your Windows PC is the must-have mission if you are serious about the call that you made with your business partners, with the Skype call recorder for Windows, it is easy to record a call on Skype as soon as the call is established, and the recording behavior stops once you hang up calls on Skype, TalkHelper for Skype offers free trial with feature of the unlimited audio recording, however, even it runs in the background, it still pop up message while the file size exceed the limitation, that sick… I know.

TalkHelper also support whiteboard-style painting while you are in the conversation with your callers, and it automatically save both audio and video chatting in separate files, that’s the feature I really love.

On Windows 10 or the new MAC computer, there are limitations to start Skype video interviews with both audio and video recording enabled, it means you can’t get both saved in one file, in the other word, if you use your headphone on PC for Skype calling, you can get your own voice recorded but you won’t hear the other party’s voice from your microphone during a Skype call, and manually starting, pausing and stopping every call recording becomes the only way to make the things happen.

The feature of Skype Call Recording has been prove to be extremely meaningful for users who use Skype in their business related calls, using Skype call recording software like TalkHelper, you are able to track and backup every call you made and save them for further review, I will lead you to understand how to record Skype calls on Windows 7, 8, and 10 in the following article.

Notice: Keep in mind that recording a Skype call without getting participator informed is not legal in a few places. This simply means you must tell the participator that you are recording the decision when you start talking.

What does Skype official site says about this:

Skype doesn’t natively support call recording; however, some of our third-party developers have created applications that plug into your Linux, Mac, and Windows Classic Skype clients to achieve this.

I personally tested most of those plugins on both Windows and Mac OSx system, the result is following:

I run a ten-hour call on Skype, and recorded it with each of those recording app above, see the performance in the following diagram:

Mp3 Skype Recorder

Mp3 Skype recorder

MP3 Skype recorder seems to work pretty well on my Windows PC at the first 1 hour, after that, the call quality dropped very fast, and I forced to end the conversation because there was a lot of noise after 5 hours recording.

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype seems to have more stable than Mp3 Skype Recorder, however, it crashed after I enabled the video feed in the call.


Vodburner for Skype

Vodburner records video calls on Skype smoothly, however, it only supports Skype 7.0 and above on Windows 7 or 8, their developer team doesn’t seem to upgrade the software for more than 1 year.

TalkHelper for Skype

TalkHelper avatar

TalkHelper is the only recorder works smoothly from the beginning to the end, both audio and video streams are recorded smoothly, but still, it crashed sometimes.

Conclusion: None of those Skype recording plugins are perfect, I believe that’s the reason to me to develop my own recording system for saving business calls, you do not require any specific hardware to record Skype conversation on a telephone call, as well as the video streams. All you need is a small software with a couple of minutes setting up by following the guide below, then you are good to go.

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