Skype Call Recorder for Windows Review

Skype is an instant messaging service that keeps the world talking with its free audio and video calls. However, skype does not support Skype call recording and now the third-party developers have come up with smart recorder software’s that will help you plug into your Windows to start recording your calls. We have streamlined our comparisons results below on Skype recorder of windows to help you figure out which Skype version you need.

TalkHelper VS Dvdvideosoft

TalkHelper recorder for Skype and Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder both have dedicated followers, and each type of Skype recorder has its own strengths and weaknesses. We look at those differences in more detail below to help you pick the right Skype recorder for you.

TalkHelper recorder for Skype VS Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder: They have the same basic features:

Let’s start with what they have in common first. Both TalkHelper recorder for Skype and Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder are supported by windows and free to download–. They both offer unlimited video and audio calling with high quality and use the MP3 format for audio and WMV for video. Also you can pause while recording your call. In other words, if you’re worried that you’re making serious compromises to choose one, worry not. We list their differences that will help you make up your mind.

  • Differences

TalkHelper has basically everything from providing unlimited Skype audio and video recording for free, to some additional features like voice mail saving, video message saving, start button is always activated immediately a call is initiated and capturing both your voice and video calls then save them to the computer. Whereas Dvdvideosoft you must specify the folder you want to save your calls. And it is also manual since you have to first select options for the app for it to work. E.g. its start button is never activated, so you have to click start for it to record before you attempt to make that call. However, it is spyware and adware free for the safe of your device.

TalkHeleprs records from within, its video and voice calls are always stored separately from the notes and also comes with an option of editing videos, you can chop some segments you may not find necessary in your calls. While blurred recording at the end, boring Ads and the challenge of not being able to edit are the main complaints for Dvdvideosoft.

SuperTintin Skype Recorder VS Pamela

SuperTintin Skype Recorder and Pamela have some similarities between them depending on whether you buying it or using a free one. First things first, both software’s are used for similar purposes of Skype call recording, both voice and video calling. They are both compatible on windows and easy to install plus offer unlimited calls.

Another similarity between these two apps is their ability to provide great voice quality on every call and also uses the MP3 format for audio and WMV for videos.

  • Differences

The most obvious difference between Pamela is its excellent features during a Skype conversation like, Birthday Reminders, contact personalization, auto chat reply and call scheduling whereas SuperTintin does not offer all the options mentioned, it’s best for recording both audio and video  conversations. You record video in picture-in-picture, side by side and Remote-Only plus you have the pause and resume button at your service in case you want to stop your recording sessions.

In spite of the differences, SuperTintin Skype Recorder is lightweight and is not complicated when making a Skype call. In order for you to keep your interviews and private conversations for future use, you need a Skype recorder to live an exceptional experience.

Amolto VS Vodburner

The battle gets tough when it comes to both Skype recorders’ features and qualities. Both recorders are free to install and ensure high quality. They are hassle free, the moment you try to commence a Skype conversation, and they will automatically start recording your Skype.

Both tools are virus free, which saves you from installing different anti-virus every other day and their software interface is friendly to all users with no disruptions.

These tools both offer a history log where you can find all your recorded files. It is such an amazing feature to the users because you can always go back and play your calls using a default player.

  • Differences

Despite the similarities that exist between these two recorders, there are also some lines of differences shared between the two. One main notable area where the difference starts from is watermark.

Vodburner usually watermarks videos if the person you are making Skype calls does not have the application installed on their computer whereas Amolto works perfect and smooth with 32 and 64-bits editions of all different windows.

Both applications have trial days , and then you will have to pay for a full version in the long run, however,  Vodburner is more costly than all available call recorders.

With Amolto, adjusting and controlling the light of the video recorded on your computer is very easy which will give positive results to your recording, whereas Vodburner for Windows is quite complicated with external cameras, and chances of ending up with low quality results are high when recording your Skype calls in this case.

PrettyMay VS Callnote

PrettyMay and Callnot are both reliable and simple applications for all users and starters. Basically support Skype recording which offer quality voice calls. However, there are some differences between these tools.

  • Differences

The free version of CallNote does not offer all the services, but can offer you such as, record Webex online meetings and conversations, save your recordings to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneNote, take instant snapshots during a call as well as Record GoToMeeting calls etc whereas with PrettyMay you can record conversations and save them as WAV files or MP3 and also exports voice messages.

The difference between the two applications is that CallNote will include details like name of the participants and attached snapshots as it takes less memory while PrettyMay has an option of sharing music during a Skype call and Skype answering machine.

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