Skype 5.0 for iPhone is back in the App Store

Skype 5

The wait is over as Skype 5.0 for iPhone has finally started to roll out to international App Stores this morning. Microsoft previewed the remastered Skype for iPhone with a brand new design earlier this week and unleashed the updated software upon the App Store the following day.

But something was amiss as Skype 5.0 went live in the Canadian App Store only, with some international users briefly spotting the update before it disappeared quickly.

As of this morning, the VoIP application appeared to propagate through the App Stores around the world so go ahead, update your copy of Skype and let us know how you like its new Windows Phone-style swipable interface…

Note: if you’re getting error messages trying to update Skype, just delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store again.

Writing on the official blog, the team announced Skype 5.0’s arrival:

On June 9, we announced that an update to Skype for iPhone was on the way, and today it’s time to try it out for yourself: Skype 5.0 for iPhone has arrived!

We were excited to use your feedback to remaster the app around you, to help you connect with your friends and family simply and quickly.

The interface has been revamped from the ground up: it’s focused on people, optimized for swiping-based navigation and adopts much of the elements from the Windows Phone version, yet doesn’t feel out of place on iOS 7.

Here’s a quick promo video.

By enforcing a coherent experience on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Skype now shares a consistent look and feel across platforms, while still optimizing for iOS’s unique strengths.

Skype 5.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 008)

The team confirmed they’re hard at work on a new Skype version for iPad users, too. As Skype 5.0 requires iOS 7.0 or up, Microsoft catered to folks on iOS 6 by keeping Skype 4.17 for iPhone available for download in the App Store.

Have a look at additional screenshots of the new UI below.

Skype 5.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)
Skype 5.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)
Skype 5.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Key version 5.0 features include:

• Overall performance improvements – faster start up and fluid animations. • A new modern hub centric design putting recent conversations first – just swipe to see your favorite people or contacts. • Richer and more reliable messaging: create groups, share photos (even to offline contacts) and video messages. • In-app notifications for quick conversation switching, and in-app controls to manage notifications. • A new simplified, modern voice and video calling experience.

These are in addition to the familiar Skype features:

• Find all your friends and family in an instant – With over 300 million people using Skype, you’re bound to bump into someone you know. • Talk with your fingers – No matter where you are, your friends are always available with free messaging. • Call your world from Skype – Free voice and video calls let you talk to your heart’s content with all your friends and family on Skype. • Low cost calls to mobiles and landlines too – Keep in touch, even if they’re not on Skype, with low cost calls to mobiles and landlines on the other side of town or the world. • Share your favorite snaps – Take a great photo you want to share? Send it over Skype to friends and family and you won’t have to worry about email size limits or expensive MMS charges. • Video messaging – Record life’s everyday moments and share them with the people who matter most, with free and unlimited video messaging over Skype. • Chat with anyone, anywhere – Skype’s available on smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, and even TVs. Whatever your friends or family use, Skype is there. Simple.

Download Skype 5.0 for the iPhone/iPod touch free in the App Store.

Skype for iPad remains stuck at version 4.17.3.

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