Skype provides a simple way to upgrade to new versions from its check for updates feature. This feature checks for any updates available for Skype, download and install them.

This article explains the steps to upgrade to new version of Skype.

This article applies to:

  • Skype 6.x

Step (1). Open Skype application.

Step (2). Click on Help menu. Skype will display a pull-down menu. From pull-down menu select Check for Updates menu item. Remember that no need to log-in into your Skype application to check for updates.

Skype - Check for Updates menu

Step (3). Skype will check whether the installed Skype application is up-to-date or not.

  • If latest version of the Skype application is already installed; Skype will display the message “You already have the latest version of Skype installed”. Click on OK button and skip the next steps.
    Skype - Already installed latest version of Skype

    Skype – Already installed latest version of Skype

Step (4). If any updates are available; Skype will display an “Update” dialog and prompts to download the updates from internet.

Skype - "Download a Skype update" dialog

Step (5). Click on Download button to start downloading the updates from internet.

If you don’t want to Upgrade to new version at this point, click on Decide later button and skip the rest of the steps.

Step (6). Once you click on Download button; Skype will start downloading the updates and display the progress in Update dialog box.

Step (7). Once the download is completed; Skype prompts to install the updates to Upgrade to new version.

Skype - "Updates are ready to install" dialog

At this point, if you decided to Upgrade later; click on Not now button and skip the rest of the steps.

Step (8). Click on Upgrade button to start upgrading process. Skype will display Updating Skype dialog box to allow you to select the language and to accept terms of service.

  • Select the language from Select your language: combo box.
  • Check the check-box Run Skype when the computer starts to start running Skype application when Computer starts. Otherwise un-check this check-box.
  • Read Skype’s Term of Use and Privacy Policy by clicking “Skype’s Terms of Use” and “Skype’s Privacy Policy” links.
  • Once you agreed with the terms of use, click on I agree – next button to start upgrading Skype.

If you don’t agree with the terms of use; close the “Updating Skype” dialog and skip next steps.

Step (9). Skype will prompt you to set Bing as your default search engine and default home page.

  • Check“Make Bing my search engine” check-box, if you want to set Bing as the default search engine.Other un-check this check-box.
  • Check “Make MSN my home page” check-box to set MSN as your home page. Un-check this check-box, if you don’t want to change your home page.
  • Read “Microsoft Service Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” by clicking on the respective links.
  • If you are OK with the agreement term, click on “Continue” button, to continue updating Skype.

Step (10). Skype will display the updating progress in “Updating Skype” dialog box. Once the update is completed, it will display a log-in screen to log-in into your Skype application.

Now your Skype application is up-to-date.

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