Skype allows to change your password once you logged into your Skype account.

Below steps explains how to change your account’s password in Skype application.

Step (1). Open Skype application

Step (2). Sign-in into Skype by giving user credentials.

Step (3). Click on Skype menu. Skype will display a pull-down menu.

Skype - "Change Password" menu

Step (4). Select Change Password… menu item from pull-down menu. Skype will display “Change Password” dialog to allow you to change your Skype account password.

Skype - "Change Password" dialog

Step (5). Provide current password in Enter current password field.

Step (6). Provide new password in Enter new password and Re-enter new password fields. Make sure you enter the same password in both these fields. Otherwise, Skype will not allow you to change the password.

If the entered passwords are matched, Skype will display “Passwords match” message, below the Re-enter new password text field.

Step (7). Once you made the changes, click on Apply button.

If the password changed successfully, Skype will display the Success message.

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