For Musicians: Dr. Kertz will evaluate and offer opinions on issues of a performance related nature, either specific, such as back pain, hand/wrist pain, shoulder pain, etc., or from an injury prevention perspective, taking the whole individual into consideration, examining posture, diet, routine, etc.. This may include interpretation of laboratory tests or imaging, and offering second opinions from a chiropractic physician based point of view. A musician’s exam is also available in which the musician will perform on their instrument while Doctor Kertz evaluates and offers suggestions on injury avoidance by observing the way they are holding the instrument, posture, and playing technique as the player is performing in real time, again for either a specific issue or from a complete injury prevention perspective. If this is not practical, evaluation of taped performance is also an option. Treatment options will be offered based on condition necessity, and communication with other health care providers is feasible as/if appropriate.

For Non-Musicians: Dr. Kertz offers similar services from a non-musical perspective, including but not limited to dance, various work-specific type injuries, and second opinions.


Fees for these services are as follows and may be paid by credit card through the office, or by credit card with or through Paypal.

$50 for the 1st fifteen minutes, with each 15 minute increment afterword an additional $40 U.S.

As this is on an evaluation/consultation basis, most issues are able to be handled in the 15 minute increment, with most of the postural exam/evaluations going more toward the 30 minute mark.

Submission of questions or testing/imaging results prior to consultation is encouraged to maximize your time with the doctor. For questions about Skype/phone consultations or to book a time , please Contact Dr. Kertz .

Of course, consultations and exams of a more thorough nature are available in office.

Disclaimer: Dr. Kertz is a chiropractic physician and offers these consultations/evaluations only within the scope of his practice. These private consultations via phone or Skype are for informational purposes only. Dr. Kertz cannot assume clinical care for patients who have not been seen or treated in his office, nor assume responsibility for their clinical condition or cause. Those who take advantage of this service are encouraged to retain a primary care physician for clinical care and diagnosis.


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