Share Files and Photos with Skype on your Mobile

Various features accommodated in Microsoft’s Skype application helps it place itself in a whole new light for you. You can use the app in many different ways. For instance, you can use it share photos and files on mobile. This gives you the freedom to share important moments with loved ones, playing an important role in keeping people connected. The best part is you can send files of any size over Skype quickly and easily and completely for free.

Share Files and Photos with Skype

The task of sharing files and photos on Skype has been simplified via a simple media bar. The bar can be spotted easily near your instant message box. From here, you can gain access to all of the sharing options in Skype on your phone.

Sharing your location to keep others informed about your location. Look for the icon, which will help you share your location.

Users aware of the method of Skype use for sharing of photos and video messages of some breath-taking destinations with their contacts can also inspire them by sharing their location with just a few taps on their handsets. Simply search for the ‘pin’ icon to share your location. The feature is particularly useful for coordinating an outdoor event and letting your friends know the venue for the party.

If you’re not traveling, no worries! The feature can be used to Send photos and files to your groups with Skype for Android.

Another recent change that might have missed the sight of many Skype users is the app’s innate ability to send files to groups with Skype for Android. You can send all kinds of files from your Android device to your groups. Simply open the group you want to send a file to, and tap this icon on the media bar above your instant message box.

With Skype for Android, you can save your video messages, and share your photos and files to your groups, says the Skype Blog.

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