Setup a Skype for Business Video Conference with UIUC Attendees

  1. On the Home tab ribbon, in the Skype Meeting section, click New Skype Meeting.
  2. Set up the meeting as you typically would:
  • In theTo box, type the email address of each person you’re inviting, separated by semicolons.
  • In theSubject box, type a name for the meeting.
  • Select a start time and end time.
  1. Add/Reserve A room for in-person attendees:
    1. Select the To box and type:
      • Vet Med BSB – for a list of BSB rooms
      • Vet Med SAC – for a list of BSB rooms
      • Vet Med LAC – for a list of BSB rooms
    2. Select the room you will be utilizing and select Required
    3. Select OK

NOTE:  To look for a time that works for everyone, click Scheduling Assistant, in the Show section of the Meeting tab ribbon.

  1. In the meeting area, type an agenda. Be careful not to change any of the Skype meeting information.

IMPORTANT:  Scheduling a meeting with the default options, like we just did, is suitable for small, internal meetings, such as casual meetings with a few coworkers. If you have a meeting with people outside your company, or you’re scheduling a large event, change the meeting options before sending the invites to better fit your meeting requirements. In the meeting request, on the Skype Meeting section of the Meeting ribbon, click Meeting Options, and then select the appropriate options.

Outlook, the Meeting Options button

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