Save/Download Skype voicemail/voice message into MP3 files with TalkHelper

How to save/download Skype voicemails/Voice messages to MP3 File?

Saving Skype voicemail is very useful feature for both Skype personal and/or business users, with TalkHelper, Skype voicemail/video message can be recorded into MP3 or WAV file on your local PC, and you can playback it anytime, please follow the steps below to save a Skype voicemail on your Windows PC: First, please launch TalkHelper, “Skype Application access” window will pop up for asking your approve as following:


Click the “Allow Access” button. Second, click “Voice Message” Tab on TalkHelper, you will see Skype voicemails listed as following:


Select one Voicemail that you want to store as a MP3 file in the Voice Message list, click “Download” button on the toolbar as following:


The voicemail recording will be enabled while it’s playing, you will see the duration of voicemail recording on the status bar as following:


Once a voicemail is downloaded completely, you are able to playback the voicemail MP3 file with media player installed on your system.

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