Run multiple instances of Skype on Windows 8 with Seaside

If you have multiple Skype accounts and also have Microsoft or MSN accounts, logging into these accounts at the same time seems like an impossible thing. In such case, you have to logout from one account to login into another. This is the only way you can communicate through these accounts. However, logging into multiple Skype, Microsoft and MSN accounts simultaneously is now possible with Seaside, a multi Skype launcher application. This application runs on Windows 8 and lets you run multiple instances of Skype. It is an easy to use application; because all your configured Skype and Microsoft accounts are automatically logged in when Windows starts.

Run multiple instances of Skype

Seaside Multi Skype Launcher is freeware that lets you launch multiple Skype sessions simultaneously. You can access Skype accounts even if you want to use a Microsoft account. The application is quite easy to configure. Simply start the setup wizard and you can start using the multi Skype launcher. During the setup, you can select additional tasks to be performed. You can select if you want to start all your Skype accounts on Windows start. You may uncheck this option if you don’t want this automatic login facility.

Once the Seaside multi Skype launcher is installed, you can start adding Skype and Microsoft or MSN accounts. You can even select automatic update checker for your Skype accounts with this application.

When using Seaside, the multi Skype launcher application, you can select which account you want to add from Skype and Microsoft. Then add your User name and Password for that particular account. This way, you can add more than one account in the application.


There’s only one thing that you need to remember regarding the accounts that only one Microsoft account is supported by this application. This is prompted during the selection of the account type.

If you have checked the option of launching Skype accounts at the start of Windows, then you will see your system logging into all the Skype accounts you have entered in the application. Now you can see what seemed to be impossible; i.e. accessing all your Skype accounts simultaneously.

The Seaside multi Skype launcher is a very useful application. Skype being an extremely popular voice-over-IP and messaging software; people often open multiple accounts. Many people maintain separate accounts for their business communications and those with friends and family. However, if you are using desktop, one can sign in only one Skype account at a time. But with Seaside multi Skype launcher, you can use more than one Skype accounts and one Microsoft account simultaneously.

Seaside for Windows free download

You can download Seaside for Windows 8 and start enjoying access to all your Skype accounts at the same time! Let us know your views on this app and its usability.

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