Remove Skype Home from your Skype Account

I bet, any Skype user who updated the Voice over IP software to version 5.5 had before him a bothering issue to deal with. A window titled Skype Home automatically opens and appears before an individual, every time he logs in. This although happened when the user chooses the Compact View option instead of Default View. I was at a complete loss to understand why Skype offered no workaround for this!

Skype explains, Skype Home is the place to go and find out what your friends are thinking. You see their latest mood messages at a glance and can set a mood message of your own. As such, this content updates automatically with your friends’ activity and shouldn’t need to be cleared. This appears to be so far from truth! Should you feel to erase the contents of Skype Home, there is a workaround. However, you need to be confident of your technical skills to get under the hood of Skype and try out the required changes.

Disable Skype Home

Close Skype by right clicking on the Skype icon in the system tray and selecting Quit.

Hold Windows key on your keyboard and press R. This opens the Run dialog box.

Type %appdata%\skype and click OK.

Select the folder with the Skype name and open it. Locate keyval.db file and delete or rename it.

To permanently delete the Skype Home updates of a single contact, click on the X button.

Also, there’s a software from SourceForge called Kill Skype Home. The small portable application by Andrew Worcester when downloaded and installed, runs until a Skype Home window is detected. It then closes the Skype Home window and terminates itself thereafter to free up the resources on the PC.

Thus, you can disable or remove Skype Home from your Skype Account.

Update: Updating to Skype V solves your problem!

Hat tip: Skype Blog.

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