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Recently Skype for Web is now available to all users, and especially it has to please those who all this time was looking for a way to use the «online» Skype without downloading and installing the software on your computer — assuming this office employees, and owners of devices on which you can not install Skype.

Skype for Web runs entirely in your browser, you have the ability to call and receive calls, including video, to add contacts, you can see history of messages (including those that were written in regular Skype). Offer just to see how it looks.

Note that in order to call or make video call in an online version of Skype, you will need to install an additional module (in fact, the usual browser plugin installed as FOR Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, other OS are not experimented, but this plug-in exactly the Skype is not supported on Windows XP, so this OS will also be limited to only text messages).

That is, assuming that Skype online you need for the reason that you can’t install any programs on the computer (administratively prohibited), and install this module too will fail, and without it, you will only be able to use text messages Skype when communicating with your contacts. However, in some cases, it is also excellent.

Sign in to Skype for Web

In order to go online in Skype and start to chat, just open the page in your browser (as I understand it, it supports all modern browsers, so that problems with this should arise). On this page, enter your login and password Skype (or data Microsoft account) and click Sign in. If you wish, you can register to Skype from this page.

After login you will come to a slightly simplified compared to the version on your computer, the Skype window with your contacts, the window to exchange messages, search contacts and edit their profile.

Further, in the upper part of the window you will be prompted to install Skype plugin for the browser has also worked as voice and video calls (by default, only text chat). If you dismiss the notification, and after that I will try to call on Skype through the browser, you unobtrusive full screen will remind you install the plugin.

When checking out after you install the specified plug-in online Skype, voice and video calls doesn’t work immediately (although visually it looked as if he tries somewhere on the phone).

It took a restart of the browser, as well as permission from the Windows firewall to access the Internet for Skype Web Plugin and only after that everything started to function normally. When calls used the microphone selected as the recording device in Windows by default.

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And last detail: if you ran Skype online just to see how it works in the web version, but do not plan to use it in the future (only if you suddenly have an acute need), it makes sense to remove from your computer the plugin is loaded: this can be done via control Panel — Programs and features, finding there para Skype Web Plugin and pressing the «Delete» button (or using the context menu).

I don’t even know what else to tell about using Skype online, it seems that it’s all obvious and very simple. Most importantly, it works (although at the time of this writing, this is only open beta) and now really you can use the chat in Skype almost anywhere without the mess, and it’s wonderful. Wanted to record a video about how to use Skype for Web, but, in my opinion, there is nothing to show: just try it yourself.

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