Office 365 Quests

Quest #4 – Discover document versioning

OneDrive’s automatic document versioning means that revisions to your files and their properties are stored. This enables you to better manage content as it is revised and even to restore a previous version — for example, if you make a mistake in the current version. Versioning is especially helpful when several people work together on projects, or when information goes through several stages of development and review.

Discover how document versioning works in Office 365:

– Create a new Word document in your OneDrive

– Check the different version numbers both in the OneDrive web app and in the desktop Word

– Compare the most recent and a previous version of your document, starting both from the OneDrive web app and from the desktop Word

– Try to restore the previous version, check how it affects the version numbers

If you wish to read more about versioning in Office 365, check the following article:Restore a previous version of a document in OneDrive for Business

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