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/noʊdˈklɪps/ , AnIDE

Clipse Node. Brining Node.js and Java worlds together since 2012. Tools for JavaScript and Java: Node.js, Android, Gradle and more.


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  • Paul Verest connect on LinkedIn, connect on Twitter, meet on SZJUG, TEDxShenzhen.
    • If you are in Shenzhen 深圳 or Hong Kong and would you like to talk about tech and what You do, skype me or come to our monthly meetings.
  • Tomoyuki Inagaki
  • Lamb Gao
  • see other contributors. Note that included and referenced plugins may have their own authors, see history page.


Funshion Online that let Paul devote some personal research time for Nodeclipse development in 2012-2015.

Funshion Online is company in China (now part of Shanghai Media Group) serving Video content to 500 000 000+ users and is using Node.js.

News and Announcements

2016-11-03 Have you tried BlueSky – new simple and productive Web Development Tools by Mickael Istria. Available on marketplace and soon in Nodeclipse plugin list.

2016-10-31 CSV Edit (with a tiny change) was built and update site is now at Also installable via on marketplace and in Nodeclipse plugin list.

2016-11-18 Gradle IDE Pack repository (on marketplace) now includes EGradle. And by default when using MPC EGradle Editor for .gradle files is installed. It is superior to Minimalist Gradle Editor developed here 2 years ago.

2017 October headlines and links: Bash Editor for Eclipse by Albert Tregnaghi is now stable, released as 1.0. (is listed in Nodeclipse Plugins List ) Eclipse Oxygen New and Noteworthy

2016 November headlines and links: Video on Youtube “Eclipse Neon.1” by Holger Voormann, starting at Web/JavaScript improvemnts and Eclipse Neon New and Noteworthy

2016-11-1 Eclipse Editors for Polyglot Maven: Atom & Groovy & Minimalist .proto files Editor (for Protocol Buffers and gRPC) are released. As they are coming from one repository, update site is also one

2016-8-22 TypeScript IDE and Angular2 Eclipse 1.0 Angelo Zerr and Pascal Leclercq have just released TypeScript IDE and Angular2 Eclipse 1.0. Read New-and-Noteworthy-1.0.0 for TypeScript IDE and Angular2 Eclipse. ( It got TypeScript completion, hover, hyperlink, code folding, mark occurrences, find references, outline; Editors for Angular2 and Angular CLI support to name a few. ) Note that Angular v2 itself is not released and is in RC5 status. Both solutions can be also quickly installed via Nodeclipse Plugins List 2.0.

2016-6-23 Eclipse 4.6 Neon

is released and available for download. Here comes again “Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers” package and new “Eclipse for Android Developers” with Andmore project (ADT continuation). Any bugs report as GitHub issues. Eclipse Che , coming from online IDE , is now even promoted from download page.

2016-6-xx Joyent (Node.js creator) is acquired by Samsung. Node.js Foundation already has IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, Google, SAP, Yahoo!. yahoo!

2016-6-3 news: Eclipse Neon will be released in June and will require at least Java 8 to run. Try out Genuitec JSjet for better ES6 support. (Not FOSS, free for use for 8 days per month). Webclispe JS Debugger cannot be installed into Nodeclipse. Hopefully this will change with Piotr Tomiak work. Get Eclipse shortcuts cheatsheets for Mars and Neon.

2016-4-15 Polyglot Maven with YAML IDE Pack.

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