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Are you planning to study English for business

Michael Shaskey 02 NOV

or because you want to study business?  We could work together if you are, and you have already completed beginner level.  I can also help you to prepare for IELTS.

I offer you a combination of good qualifications, experience as a teacher of English and management, PLUS extensive experience as an employee of big name corporations in South Korea, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, in my specialist area – HRM.

My accent is neutral/international, and all of my clients tell me that I am easy to understand.

We could work from a text, but I get excellent results with free, online resources, or we can use your real work tasks for learning, too, so long as the subject matter is suitable.

I offer a free introductory lesson for us both to find out if we can work together. In my opinion, a 30 minute lesson is best because language study can be hard work and tiring, so I believe in the “little but often” approach to learning.

My fee for a 30 minute lesson is $12.50. If you need longer, book in multiples of 30 minutes, and pay in multiples of $12.50. I am happy to offer a discount for longer, regular lessons that are prepaid. Payment through PayPal is best.

I am an experienced online teacher, having done more than 4 years with one of Europe’s leading online ESL organisations.  Being effective online and on the phone is second nature to me, and I have an excellent, reliable internet connection that rarely causes problems.  My location in the Moscow time zone means that I can comfortably work with learners from Europe to Asia.

Please contact me at to set a time for a first lesson. I will ask you to add my Skype ID as a contact; that account name is aspoenem. When we have agreed to work together, I will add you as a Whatsapp contact, and you can make appointments with me directly through Whatsapp; also change appointments and let me know about any problems keeping an appointment.

Let me introduce myself:

Have fun studying, whoever your teacher is.  Good luck.


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