Mystery Skype Global Connection Database

Anyone who knows me well knows how passionate I am about global connections and engaging students in a globally connected classroom. One of the things I am lucky enough to do is share this passion with educators all around the globe with workshops, conference talks and keynote presentations.

One of the best tools I have come across to engage students in a global classroom is Mystery Skype, the global guessing game. Click here to learn more about what Mystery Skype is and how to get your class involved.


In order to encourage schools to connect and collaborate Microsoft launched their Education piece online where teachers can sign up and connect. Sometimes, this just isn’t suitable for schools to be able to connect, especially when it is last minute. The best way I have found is to reach out to my PLN on Twitter.

In addition to this, I wanted more. One of the things about being heavily involved in Mystery Skype is that I get asked on a daily basis to help connect people. I love this and am always happy to do so, but it got me thinking that I need a database that is publicly accessible for anyone to tap into. Below is that database that will be added to constantly.

For this to be a success, it requires you to fill in this form and for you to share this with your PLN online and in your school.


When completing the form you will need to include your name, skype details, grade level, mystery skype experience and of course your time zone. When completing the section on time zones please be aware that these change due to daylight savings. If you are unsure, please check this link as a reference point for time zones used –

Here is the form to complete to add your details to our global database –>

Here is the database that is publicly available, so please share –> (The database is sorted by ‘timezone’ for your convenience and is searchable – it is also constantly updated as new people join).

I love helping people connect and helping people realize the potential added value they can access by engaging students with other learners and experts from all around the world.

Enjoy being connected and don’t forget to share.

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