In this tutorial, we’re going to explain how to easily broadcast a phone call live on Mixlr using Skype and Mixlr AudioLink. Mixlr AudioLink allows you to route the audio from Skype into Mixlr so you can broadcast it. You will need to ensure you have the latest version of Mixlr and Skype installed on your machine.

TIP – Currently it is not possible to broadcast a Skype call when broadcasting via the Mixlr Android or iOS app.

This article is for Mac, if you’re looking for the Windows equivalent, you can find it here.

Step 1. Route your caller’s voice to Mixlr

Within the Skype app, go to Skype > Preferences

broadcast skype

Step 2. Route your voice to Mixlr

Ensure the microphone you will be using is selected in Skype > Preferences > Audio / Video. This will ensure the caller can hear your voice.

Select the same microphone on the ‘Mic’ channel in Mixlr. This will ensure your voice will be picked up by Mixlr.

Step 3. Hear your caller’s voice in Mixlr

You will need to make sure Monitoring is turned on for the ‘Any Input’ channel. To do this, click on the headphone icon next to ‘Any Input’.

Step 4. Take the Call

Initiate the call in Skype and check there is signal coming into the ‘Any Input’ and ‘Mic’ channels, if there is – you are ready to broadcast a Skype call.

TIP – When you are finished with your broadcast make sure to revert your settings in Skype so you can use it as normal again.

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