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Microsoft Skype for Business


Skype revolutionized communication across the Internet. Now Skype for Business is taking it to the next level. Imagine ALL of your communication needs managed through a single, comprehensive solution. If you think you know what Skype can do, but haven’t checked it out lately, you’ll want to take a moment to get acquainted with Skype for Business.

Video calling is just the beginning for this communications platform, now offered as an extension to your Office 365 subscription. Here is just a snapshot of what is possible:

  • Person-to-person calling. No longer just a web tool or mobile application, Skype for Business allows you to seamlessly call to and from desktop telephones.
  • PBX features. Transfer calls, manage voicemail, and other PBX features either through a pure Cloud PBX configuration, or in conjunction with an existing on-premise PBX.
  • Direct business phone numbers. PSTN Calling from Microsoft allows you to purchase phone numbers and calling plans with your Office 365 subscription – even port your existing number.
  • Conferencing. Serious conferencing. Multi-party HD video conferencing, file and desktop sharing, broadcast meetings with sophisticated producer controls and live or recorded streaming via Microsoft Azure. You can even configure a Skype for Business Room System for an immersive experience.

The list doesn’t even do the possibilities justice. Available features will make life easy for your entire organization. On the road or at a hotel and want the person on the other end to see your office number, not a problem. Need to connect people into a conference – some calling from standard phones, others on mobile devices, and still others on desktop computers – not a problem. In fact, you’ll be able to connect with known contacts through a single touch.

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Services Provider, Teleset offers a single point of contact for help to acquire the right licenses, manage your subscriptions, migrate your information, and support your users. Our long time voice communications team will also take care of details like provisioning phone numbers through Microsoft.

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