Microsoft announces new Skype update, older clients to be shut down

Microsoft has been updating Skype with new features regularly and most of us have been happy with the overall Skype experience so far. Now Microsoft wants you to have a much better experience with Skype and this means installing a completely new version of the program. Starting from March 1st people will not be able to sign into version 7.16 of Skype on Windows desktop and version 7.18 of Skype for Mac and older versions.

That said both the 7.18 version of the Skype on Mac and the 7.16 version on the Windows came into existence more than a year ago, so the chances are that you might have already updated to the newer versions. But again if you are clinging to the older versions its time to update.

“At Skype, we’re committed to creating the best possible app experience for our users. This is why we’ve been focusing our efforts on transitioning Skype from peer-to-peer to a modern, mobile-friendly cloud architecture.”

Again it’s quite possible that some of the folks love to hold on to the older versions for reasons best known to them but Microsoft will not allow such users to log in and access Skype.

Skype has improved a lot and now the app has also been migrated to the Azure public cloud infrastructure and has added new features like the chatbots. The update will be based on redesigned infrastructure which will facilitate a much more consistent user experience and is also less bloated. Furthermore, Skype will also be improvising greatly on the Mobile group video calling, group video messaging, video message saving and will also allow users to share cloud files up to 300MB.

However, the update thing comes with a fault, while its likely to help Android, Windows Desktop and Mac users the Windows Phone users are expected to be in the lurch. This means that a huge number of Windows Phone will simply stop supporting Skype and this comes as a bit of a shock to the Windows loyalists especially since Skype is now owned by Microsoft.

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