Microsoft announces a new version of Skype special for freelancers

Microsoft has announced a new version of its popular video call service, named Skype Professional Account, is an application designed specifically for to help freelancers to do business

more easily.

It is in a preliminary version and will be initially available only in the United States. Skype Professional Account will have, in addition to the usual Skype features, new functions that will allow scheduling meetings, accept payments, and take notes from the same place.

In Miscrosoft they believe that with this new service they will be able to offer multiple solutions to freelancers within a same app, instead of having to use different applications and platforms to organize your work.

Skype Prosessional Account will work as a desktop app independent of classic Skype, but you can import your work contacts from one app to another in a simple way, and leave the other Skype to friends and family.

One Skype, two Skype, three Skype …

With this announcement it is clear that Microsoft is moving Skype in multiple directions at once . It is not the first recently announced derivative, we also have a Skype specially designed to interview programmers, and the Skype always has a new design very different from the one we are used to, more inclined towards the side of social networks.

  • Microsoft announces a new version of Skype special for freelancers

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These new solutions may be part of the identity crisis that lives Skype or simply be a new strategy to appeal to different types of users and needs betting in various directions. Be that as it may, the reality is that we now have so many types of Skype that it is easy to lose the account.

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