Meeting Update Tool for Skype for Business and Lync

The Meeting Update Tool for Skype for Business and Lync helps you update your meetings when your account switches servers or when it upgrades from Lync Server to Skype for Business. This tool finds your meetings with old links and automatically sends updated invitations to the participants so they can join your meetings. Plan to incorporate this tool into your migration communications plan as well as any end user or white glove support training to ensure a smooth transition and positive user experience for your user community on your journey to Skype for Business.

The following outlines how to install and use the tool.

Install the tool

Install the tool from

Running the Meeting Update Tool

1. Ensure Outlook and Skype for Business are running

2. Browse to the location where you installed the tool. By default, the tool is installed in c:\Program Files\Skype for Business Meeting Update.

3. Launch the Skype for Business Meeting Update Tool (MeetingMigration.exe) – you can use your Windows Start menu and search for “Meeting Update”


4. Click Next


The following screen will show all the users’ meetings as well as anyone they delegate for.  You can select multiple users however I would recommend doing one user at a time. Leave the “Include already migrated items” checkbox unchecked.


Please wait on the following screen – it can take a long while during the discovery process depending on how many meetings it has to find.


Once all the meetings are found you will see this:


Click the Update Button – you will see Outlook open and sending meeting requests. 


Once completed you will see the results.  You will have the option to view a log file as well.  In the case where you have failed items the log files will give some clues as to why.

If all are successful, you will see the following:


Click Finish

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