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Tell us about your past experiences teaching English

I have worked as an Online Skype English Tutor for the past ten years. When I first started it was with adults and I found it to be rewarding as I saw wonderful results. I was able to witness someone gain confidence and find a job opportunity as a result of our English lessons.

As an Online Skype English tutor, I have worked with students over 20 countries including English students from Italy, Russia, Brazil, India, Taiwan, China and Iran. I specialize in accent training, Business English and training students for exams like the IELTS.

What are your academic qualifications?

I have a masters degree in History, an honours degree in Economics and a postgraduate teaching certificate. I also have an online TEFL certificate.

Tell us how your teaching style as an Online Skype English tutor

In my experience as a teacher and as a language learner myself, I find that students lack confidence. Learning words, grammar structure, and pronunciation is just the beginning, like adding tools to a toolbox. Oral conversation is the best way for a student to gain confidence as he or she synthesizes vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation into living language. As students plunge in and use these tools, they learn not to be afraid of making mistakes.

As a teacher, it is important for me to guide the conversation with well-thought-out questions about topics in which the student is really interested. Maintaining a relaxed environment reduces stress and enables the student to enjoy practicing what he or she has learned.

The Spoken English Practice model of using topics in which the students are personally interested, in a calm, one-on-one environment is a recipe for oral English success.

What areas of English do students need most help in? Grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary. How would you help students improve English speaking?

I believe all of these areas are important for effective communication. Students need to have a good vocabulary to be able to communicate what they want and need. Pronunciation is important so they can be understood. Grammar is important so their ideas can be communicated clearly.

In my experience as an Online Skype English tutor, each individual needed more help in different areas of their English. In my classes, I would address these areas by modeling proper grammar and pronunciation. I would help build vocabulary by encouraging discussion on a variety of topics. I also enjoyed teaching students about our slang, which was something they often did not get in the classroom.

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Outside of work, tell us about some experiences you have had traveling and interacting with people around the world

I’m a globe trotter. I have been bittern by the travel bug ever since I was 18 years old and I have really enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures. Some of my memorable travel experiences include: all of UK; France; Monaco; Spain; Portugal; Germany; Belgium; Luxembourg; Switzerland; Austria; Norway; Denmark; Sweden; Italy; Greece; Morocco; Egypt; South Africa; United Arab Emirates; Thailand; Singapore; Hong Kong; Japan; China; Argentina.

I’m also a big fan of learning about different styles of cuisine. Currently, I’m learning Thai cooking and have learned to make a mean green curry ?

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