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The November 2016 Skype for Business PC client update brings a “new look and feel” as announced on Technet. This is Interesting because at Microsoft Ignite I was noticing there seemed to be a shift in colors (black conversation windows, etc) and graphics being used in the Mac client and the new Skype Room Systems. It didn’t take Microsoft as look as I expected to roll out a new look that, according to Technet, will do better at accessibility.

We will point out some items we have noticed as part of this new user interface.

Skype for Business is no longer using the “Skype” Blue as a major color

This is a fairly large shift because it departs from the Skype logo color. (Also, the color seems reminiscent of Cisco colors, of all things!)

Button Icon Graphics Have An Outline Design Instead of Solid Design

What the new “switching between panels” buttons look like.

And below are the Contact buttons

Notification Glyphs are now Red

In the picture you’ll notice there are 2 missed calls. This used to be orange.

Conversation Window Background is Now Black

Also, the call control window button graphics have changed.


Button Graphics Are Outlines Until a Mouse Over & then They Become Solid

Using the Options button as an example:

Now a hover

Phone Panel Shows My Phone Number

I just noticed this panel shows “My Number”. Is this new?


Is There a Slight Design Flaw in the “Contacts – Misses Conversations –  Phone – Meetings” Area?

I notice on my system when you click on “Contacts” the icon immediately goes from outline to solid color. When you click on “Missed Conversations” (or “Meetings” the icon does change to solid until you hover off the button.

Below “Contacts” icon turns from outline to solid as soon as you click it.


Clicking on Missed Conversations does not immediately turn solid, until you hover off the “missed Conversations” button.

Now when the mouse is hovered off the “Missed Conversations” it turns solid.


Seems a slight design issue.

Another slight item I’ve noticed is the search border is still Lync 2013 blue, for whatever reason this never changes. In the transition from Lync to Skype for Business it didn’t change either. Apparently this border color is immutable. Its not as noticeable now.


Cisco Spark Compared to New Skype for Business UI

Here is Spark conversation window.

2016-03-07 21_06_01-Microsoft Edge

New Skype for Business



This is an interesting change of user interface. The Skype blue was quite garishly bright and some of the previous design was not very accessibility friendly.

Does this mean that the Skype logo color will change in the future as well?

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