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Ashlie Hempstead ND, LAc

Ashlie Hempstead, ND, Lac

Ashlie is a mother, Naturopathic Physician, and Acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in transformative work with girls and women and is certified in Holistic Pelvic Care. She is in constant study of yoga and Western & Chinese Herbalism and is currently in the process of creating her own line of botanical medicinal products. She is a lover of dirt, dance, crafting, cooking, reading, climbing and is lifted by the sweet moments exploring life with her daughter.

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Dana Damara-3056

Dana Damara

Dana enrolled her eldest daughter in Maiden Spirit at a pivotal time in her daughter’s life. The gratitude and commitment to this program and Georgette Star has propelled her into healing deep wounds while preparing her to lead her own program based on the teachings of Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman. Her devotion to this organization comes from a place that is deep within her heart. Dedicated to going the extra mile to connect with her daughters, integrate her yoga practice, and heal the planet, finally, after 5 years in the making, birthed Girls Elevate.

Dana is the creator of Girls Elevate, a dedicated yogini with a business background. She’s been a corporate executive, traveled the world on a yacht, owned several businesses, published her own book and now, is committed to the growth and elevation of Girls Elevate.

Dana Damara Author, Speaker, Yoga Instructor 415-413-7145

Indira Deerwater

Hello Beauties! My name is Indira. I am a trained Waldorf teacher and have been teaching since 2000 when my two daughters were in kindergarten. I came to Maiden Spirit when my girls were coming of age and began the program with Georgette Star. My girls and I benefitted so much from the knowledge, community, and inspiration through this program that I vowed to become a Revolutionary of Love, and found this path when I became a Certified Beautiful You Facilitator through The Life Blessing Institute in 2014.

Some of my other work includes Simplicity Parenting Group Leader and Parent Coach through the Center for Social Sustainability with Kim John Payne and Davina Muse, and in 2012 I was initiated as a Carrier of The Flame with Anaiya Sophia, where I learned the profound knowledge and importance of Womb Wisdom and the conscious practice of Divinized Sexuality. I am currently in the Feminine Power Mastery Program to become a Feminine Power Life Coach.

I am honored, excited and deeply humbled to be a harbinger of change and transformation for mothers and daughters, for The Sacred Feminine, and for the promise of great gifts of hope, beauty, grace, fierceness and empowerment that these girls will bring to our future and to the world. This is my true life calling, and I sincerely look forward to working, playing and growing with you!

Kristi Carson

Kristi Carson, Licensed Beautician & LMT

My healing and girl-to-women journey began when I was 10 years old. I had joined a girl’s empowerment program called Maiden Spirit (offered by Life Blessing Institute), where I found the true “me”. Later in my life I became a Junior Mentor for Maiden Spirit.

As a Beautician and Massage Therapist, I aim to be an inspiration for feminine empowerment by encouraging healing and preventative care. Programs like Maiden and “Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman” help girls and women learn to nurture this well-being starting early in life, like I did.

Today, I’m a proud “Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman” Certified Facilitator. I feel so blessed to be a part of such awesome programs.


Pamela Wirth, CPCC FPC Sebastopol, Ca

My training background: Coaches Training Institute, Feminine Power Coaching and Leadership, Institute For Circlework.

Being a Maiden Spirit mentor for young girls is a privilege, a dream come true and a deep soul’s calling. My life’s journey and experience has guided me firmly towards this path of investing with hands, mind and heart in the future through our children. As a transformative life coach, I delight in seeing the girls in my circles embark on their life’s journey as empowered, radiant young women who know who they are. Teaching the Beautiful You – from Girl to Woman course since 2011 brings a lot of joy to my life, especially when my teen daughter Leilani assists me in sharing the magic with other moms and daughters! It is a very special gift to experience and nurture the intimacy and unique feminine bond between our generations.

Joan Maher--headshot

Joni Advent Maher, MSW

Joni Advent Maher, MSW is a certified BYGW instructor living in Richmond Virginia with her husband and daughter. She is a Spiritual Feminist, Transformational Coach, Visionary Guide, Teacher and Adventurer with a Revolutionary Heart. Her gift and passion is supporting women who are done waiting for permission to live their dreams, share their truth and embody their big, bold beautiful selves.

Joni’s initiation into motherhood with the birth of her daughter 11 years ago awakened a deep passion to reclaim the dignity, respect, and honoring of the Sacred Feminine and Her reflection in all girls and women. Her life’s work is supporting girls and women in awakening and expressing their Sacred Feminine nature to support the collective healing of humanity and the planet.

Joni is nourished by ocean waves, the night sky, and dark chocolate. She finds healing in uncontrollable laughter; wild, heart, dancing; and tender beauty.

You can find the many expressions of her work at


Camara Meri Rajabari

I am a mother, intuitive artist, healer, spiritualist, educator and leader. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have recently started a transformative arts practice for women and girls called Art Heals Us! My work integrates intuition with knowledge of ancient spiritual systems, indigenous feminine practices and creativity.

I am currently offering art classes online with plans to expand to in-person art retreats for women and girls in the fall of 2015. Please see my websites for more details.

Camara Meri Rajabari


Tracey Heartsun

My name is Tracey Heartsun, I am certified as a Professional Life Coach, Maiden Spirit Mentor. BYGW Facilitator. I’m a graduate of the Life Blessing Institute. I bring inspiration and enthusiasm into my work with women and girls, through co-facilitation of BEAUTIFUL YOU: From Girl to Woman on-line trainings, retreats, support groups, Maiden Spirit circles and girls rites-of-passage.

My mission is to be an inspirational change agent for individuals desiring greater self-awareness and freedom to express authentic power. I’m an active supporter in the recovery of the Sacred Feminine.


Meg Tobin

Meg Tobin, M.A. is the owner of Breathing Space Studio in Erieville, NY. She offers retreats, workshops and individual or group psychotherapy to encourage conscious connection on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Her philosophy is heart-centered and spirit-filled, thus providing a safe place for exploration of all feelings and experiences, whatever they may be. Meg begins where you are, with the truth that within each person lies a pure center. It is your whole, unchanging, perfect, divine, connected core just waiting to be remembered and honored. She welcomes your struggles with grief, body image, and trauma. Meg supports your journey of self rediscovery and honors your inner wisdom. She is available by phone, Skype or in person.

Many Blessings, Georgette!! So glad to see you have a new group of light workers training!! xxooMeg

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