List of best Skype Bots to be more productive while messaging

Like any other online messaging services, Microsoft has included loads of Bots to Skype to make the work faster. Sometimes, we need an automation tool that can help you chat with friends or in an official conference on Skype. Microsoft has developed tons of Bots which may spruce up your instant messaging experience. Do check out these Skype Bots

that can help you to make better conversation.

What are Skype Bots

Skype Bots are Artificial Intelligence programs that can carry out many useful tasks for you like having a funny chat, search for news, summarize web pages, play games, translate, etc. You can simply click on the bot and start typing to use them.

Best Skype Bots

There are many official as well as third-party Skype bots which can be utilized while using this VoIP tool. However, here are some of the best ones.

1] Summarize

Nowadays, we read digital newspapers or find information on the web instead of physical books. Summarize can help you to sum up an entire web page. It takes just a few moments to do it – depending on the number of words. You can read a journal, the latest news or anything else. Just send the web page URL to this chat bot, and you will get the result within a few seconds.

2] Skyscanner

Skyscanner Skype bot can let you find the perfect flight or help you book the entire trip to anywhere within moments. While traveling to a new city, we face problems to find hotels, etc. To help you in that situation, you can utilize this bot, which is synchronized with Skyscanner official website that is probably the biggest meta search engine for travelers. You need to enter the destination city, origin city and few more details to get the result.

3] Bing News

Bing News Best Skype Bots

Bing News is one of the best Skype bots for you to get the latest news fetched from Bing News repository. There is no need to open the Bing News website and find out the news you want to read. Just write down the keyword and get all the latest news right on your screen. However, the disadvantage is that you have to know what is happening across the globe to get the news and to enter the keyword, whereas the website can show you all the news on a single screen. But, for a distraction-free news source, you can opt for this bot.

4] FreeBusy

FreeBusy Best Skype Bots

FreeBusy is an online 1:1 assistant that helps users to find free time to set a meeting. It is needless to mention that you need to synchronize your Calendar with FreeBusy bot to get everything done. You can give it various commands such as “get my agenda for today” or “check if I’m available tomorrow at 1 pm”.

5] Memecat

In these days, we all use a meme to make fun of some incident, or person. Instead of downloading meme from Google or Bing, you can make your own with the help of Memecat Skype bot. It is very easy since you just have to provide the image, top line, and bottom line. Following that, you will be able to download the meme created by Memecat.

While on this topic, some of you might want to take a look at Murphy, the Skype Bot from Microsoft that lets you have funny conversations.

Skype Bots List

Like I said before, there are loads of other Skype bots available in the Skype directory for everyday conversation. And since all of them are certified Skype bots, you can use them safely without any problem, and you can add them right from any device including Skype Web, Skype for Windows, Android, iOS or any other platform.

As of the time of writing, Skype Bots are currently available in Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

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