Let Skype Pick Up Calls For You

You hear the Skype ringtone, there’s a call! You reach out to grab your mouse, or keyboard … but it takes a moment to do it. Oh no – by the time you’ve got to the answer button, your caller has hung up!

Sound familiar? Did you know that you can set up Skype for Mac OS X to answer for you automatically?

To do this, open the preferences (from the Skype menu) and select the “Calls” button from the top row. Check the box for “Auto-answer Calls”, shown here with the green arrow:

If you click on the “Configure…” button, you can also select whether you should answer with video on or off:

In the “General” section of the preferences, there is an additional check box for automatically pausing iTunes during calls, which works very well if you tend to listen to iTunes music a lot.

Unfortunately Skype for iOS doesn’t have this auto-answering feature available at the moment.

Not having to dive for all the right commands when I get a Skype call makes everything much easier!

– Ricky

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