This one was brought up on the TechNet forums by Igor Kravchenko and others.  MVP Richard Brynteson ( and has brought it to Microsoft’s attention previously, so they are aware of the issue though I haven’t seen any word on when or if it will be fixed.

The issue itself is when transferring a call with the Skype for Business UI, if you search for a contact, right click, and try to choose the number or voicemail you’d like, nothing happens.  You’re still stuck in the transfer window.  This has left plenty of users confused and frustrated.

Figure 1: Wrong Way


There is however a proper way to perform the transfer and is another great example of why user training and enablement is so critical.  If you hover over or right click the contact’s picture, you’ll see a phone icon.  Clicking the phone icon gives you the same menu, however this time it’s functional.

Figure 2: Right Way


Hopefully that help if you were confused.  If you’re an admin who has or is considering switching to the SkypeUI interface, it’s worth your time to make sure your users are aware of this quirk before they struggle.

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