Is Skype for Business Cloud PBX the Right Choice for Your Organization?

Is Skype for Business Cloud PBX the Right Choice for Your Organization?

The move to cloud-based voice solutions for business communications has been underway for years and Microsoft has joined the party with its Skype for Business Cloud PBX offering. While there are many cloud PBX systems on the market, Microsoft’s Cloud PBX provides the added benefit of complete integration with the familiar Office 365 suite. This can be a powerful advantage when you are looking to implement a major phone system change.

Here are three reasons Microsoft’s Cloud PBX may be the right choice for your organization:

1) Lower Costs

Skype for Business Cloud PBX is able to deliver similar functionality and benefits as other cloud PBX solutions. This includes the ability to turn a phone system into a utility cost, resulting in a monthly invoice for the services that are licensed and used. 

By making the jump to Cloud PBX, you eliminate the need for traditional PBX hardware, its associated maintenance costs and deployment complexities.

Supported by reliable systems and centralized tools that simplify implementation and management, Skype for Business Cloud PBX releases its new features as soon as they come out – with no need for server upgrades. The end result is an interoperable, flexible, simplified communications infrastructure with a lower cost of ownership than many other options on the market.

2) Integrated Communications

Investing in a cloud phone system with Skype PBX allows you to integrate all your communication features in one system and gives your in-office or remote workers the ability to use Skype for Business Online as their phone system. Traditionally Microsoft has offered the ability for Skype to pick up calls on-premises, but now they are offering a completely cloud-based solution that sits on Office 365. No matter which route you go, your users still get advanced features like call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding. simultaneous ring, team forwarding, voice mail, and more. Users can also make and receive calls from their office, at home, or on the road using their phone, PC, or mobile device. Employees can seamlessly transition into enhanced levels of communications. With powerful functionality, such as the ability to change a text chat into a phone conversation, screen share it, and simultaneously edit the same documents together, true collaboration is achieved. 

3) Increased Scalability and Flexibility

Skype PBX offers the most flexible set of options available. One option is to run all of Skype PBX in the cloud, including having Microsoft supply PSTN calling and telephone numbers. This solution can scale down to single users and gives the ability to have phone numbers in unique geographic locations, i.e. insuring that your biggest client has a local phone number to call. 

The second option is for larger companies who already have leased telephony lines at their office locations. Skype PBX can leverage these existing connections with their cloud connector edition. This allows clients to run the PBX software in the cloud and hybrid back to their on premise phone connectivity. The cloud connector edition can be beneficial to larger organizations, as it can be less expensive if they have a large numbers of users or if they have an existing carrier contract for their connectivity. 

A third option for clients who are highly regulated (or just not ready for cloud yet) is to deploy all of Skype PBX on premise.

Interlink can help you determine the best option(s) for your business and ensure users are happy and productive. Contact us today.

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