This document describes how to manage Skype within Flexor Manager. It describes how to:

  • Examine the status of Skype
  • Add Skype to Flexor Manager
  • Configure the user location so Skype can interpret telephone numbers correctly

If you have already configured Flexor Manager to use Skype and are looking for information on how to use CTI, then please consult the appropriate application guide.

Skype versions between and 6.8 are supported. If you experience difficulty using a newer version of Skype with Flexor Manager, please downgrade to version Skype 6.8.

Skype Availability

Once Skype is configured Flexor Manager will keep track of its availability. When Skype is running and a user is signed in it will show as Available in the Flexor Manager’s Devices and Applications window.

Skype is available for use

If Skype is unavailable for some reason, for example if it is not running, no user is signed in or the user’s status is “Offline”, then it will show as unavailable.

Skype unavailable because it is not running or no user is signed in.

For more information on the Devices and Applications window see the Flexor Manager guide.

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