Installing Skype Error Code 1603


Hi to all!

I have Skype version 3.2 and I wanted to upgrade it to version 4.2. So I downloaded 4.2 on Skype website. Upon installing, the process stopped in the middle, then an error box occurred with error:

Installing Skype failed; code 1603

A fatal error occurred during installation.

I clicked on OK then the installation stopped and disappeared. I’ve gone to Control Panel to manually remove Skype 3.2, but I had another error

The older version of Skype 3.2 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.

I am using Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3. I haven’t use Skype for a few months now. I don’t know if there are some Skype components that were accidentally deleted, causing it to stop functioning correctly.

I run on safe mode just to remove the older version from my computer, but it did not work. I searched for the location of my Skype on C: directory and removed all the folders and components of it. I still cannot install a new version of it.

How can I run the installation without having any problems? I need solutions, for I will be using Skype to communicate with some friends from other country. Please help.

Thank you.

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