Installing and running on Ubuntu

Setting up Skype and remote VNC¶

Now we will create the UNIX user skype

running Sevabot and Skype the client application.


In this phase of installation you will need a VNC remote desktop viewer software on your local computer. On Linux you have XVNCViewer, on OSX you have Chicken of VNC and on Windows you have TinyVNC.

Under sudo -i:

Exit from the current (root) terminal session.

Login to your server:

Get Sevabot:


If you want to live dangerously you can use git dev branch where all the development happen. You can switch to this branch with “git checkout dev” command in the sevabot folder.

Start xvfb, fluxbox and Skype:

Start VNC server:

On your local computer start the VNC viewing software and connect the server:

You see the remote desktop. Login to Skype for the first time. Make Skype to save your username and password. Create Skype account in this point if you don’t have one for sevabot.


Now, in your local Skype, invite the bot as your friend. Then accept the friend request.



It is important to add one Skype buddy for your Sevabot instance in this point, so don’t forget to do this step.

Now, in Sevabot go to Skype’s settings and set the following:

  • No chat history
  • Only people on my list can write me
  • Only people on my list can call me

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