If you are experiencing RAVBg64.exe error messages and want to get rid of it. This page is going to give you a complete diagnosis of your current problems and offer the solution of related issues.

File Info

What is RAVBg64.exe

As is well known, Windows operating system consists of a huge number of files and folders. RAVBg64.exe is an ordinary process used by the system to launch and run it. If the program stop to response, that means the process are missing or invalid from the applications folder. Basically, the Windows system functionality is intimately associated with the application and any damage in the registry will properly ruin it and result with an error.

Possible RAVBg64.exe error messages

Once the associated file is damaged or infected, you may receive the error message showed below:

  • “Windows error loading”
  • “Cannot load the file. Reinstalling this application may fix this error.”
  • “This application failed to start because RAVBg64.exe was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  • “The file has caused an error”
  • “Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\”
  • “Cannot find \Windows\System32\”

What cause the errors

Most common causes this error

In most cases, deleting a program from your machine alone will not remove the registry entries for the associate program. Whenever you install a program in your computer and remove it, an entry is made into your computer’s registry. As is well known, any changes that take place in your computer system, installing or removing program included, gets recorded in the operating system and thus the Windows registry. These uninstalled entries leads to the development of empty and invalid registry entries that keep piling up hence the registry gets bloated with not existing program entries which corrupt your system causing errors.

Infected viruses/malware

How to fix PC errors manually

If you know exactly the program that generates the error message when you launch or run it. In this situation, the most effective and easy method to fix PC errors is to uninstall and reinstall the program. As reinstalling the program will wipe out some of the files or associated registry entries that have become invalid or infected. Moreover, the latest software may contains newer and more efficient versions of files that you need.

Video guide: How to manually terminate process and fix RAVBg64.exe error instantly

However, in most case, it is hard to identify which program cause the error. So, the manual methods seems like spending your countless time but still can’t have the problem resolved.

Fix PC errors – reboot your computer

Disable browser’s add-ons.

Disable Internet Explore add-ons

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