ICT Basics

WebWise Computer Basics course

Includes modules on computer basics, using the mouse, the keyboard, and opening windows. Modules are online and available for PDF download.

African Pedagogical ICT CenterFree to register online, this site has downloadable modules on skills including using office applications to graphic design.  You can register by clicking in the top right of the screen. Once you’re logged in, you can browse modules from the “downloads” section on the right of the screen.

GCF Learn Free

This website has lessons on computer basics such as understanding operating systems and applications, as well as interactive tutorials and videos.

Digital Unite

Resources on understanding basic concepts and terms related to using a computer such as a “guide to your computer desktop” and “what is a network.”


Free online courses in Microsoft Applications, Internet Explorer and Computer Science


Includes resources on computer basics, using the keyboard and mouse, and using the Internet

Excel Easy

Resources on learning how to use Excel for various purposes

WebWise Internet Basics course

Includes modules on Internet basics, understanding browsers, and doing searches. Modules are online and available for PDF download.

WebWise Social Media Basics course

Includes modules on getting started with social networks, communicating using social networks, and staying safe online. Modules are online and available for PDF download.


Includes free online courses for using Skype, creating blogs, social networking, and podcasting

Skype for the Classroom

An online platform that uses Skype to create opportunities for students to take “virtual” field trips, hold discussions with authors of books, speak with native foreign language speakers, learn about other cultures, and many more.


An online community of learners where classrooms in different countries can collaborate on video journalism projects, writing projects, and many more activities. Also includes a library of teacher resources and tools for organizing lessons online.

Teacher Training Videos

Great online tools and instructional videos for integrating ICT into the classroom, including creating online message boards for classes, creating short web videos, etc.


Teacher resources, such as lesson plans, activities, rubrics, and worksheets that promote and support the integration of technology into the classroom.

UNHCR ICT for Education Inventory

An interactive hub for finding and sharing activities and Tools for integrating ICT in a variety of ways, including audio and video tools, social media, and digital libraries. A concept note on the inventory can be found here.

TEAMS Electronic Classrooms

This site offers resources for elementary school teachers, including lesson plans, guided activities, interactive activities, parent resources. Teachers can also publish their own projects or lesson plans.

UNESCO E-Learning Modules on ICT in Education

Includes modules on ICT in Education essentials and ICT in Education decision making. Uses interactive, colorful slides to take learners through the content.

ICT in Schools: A Handbook for Teachers

This document from UNESCO includes information on everything needed for integrating ICT, including basics of using the computer, pedagogical possibilities, and pointers on how to integrate ICT resources into various types of learning environments.

ICTs in Teacher Education

This document proposes a framework for ICTs in Teacher Education, and describes the essential conditions that must be met for successful integration of ICT. The document also provides guidelines for strategic planning.

Cyber Smart

An online portal for teachers that offers online professional development courses in ICT integration, and free, downloadable resources for educators.


Free online courses include modules on using tools for collaborative classroom activities.

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