Ice Contact Center for Skype for Business

In a world where everyone is focused on connecting with others, your organization needs a way to stand out from the competition. ComputerTalk’s ice maximizes the benefits Skype for Business brings to your organization, by adding enterprise-class contact center capabilities.

Ways ice Contact Center for Skype for Business adds value

ice, intelligent communications exchange, cloud contact center is the only native Skype for Business contact center. It opens up channels of communication, so your customers, prospects, and partners can contact you in ways that are most convenient for them. As a native Skype for Business contact center, ice runs as a full member of the Skype for Business topology, so it can use your existing Skype for Business architecture. This means that ice can actually help simplify management and reduce costs associated with administering multiple environments.

ice Contact Center for Skype for Business extends the life of your existing PBX by adding new features. ice is certified to connect to various legacy PBX’s and IP-PBX’s, such as Cisco and Avaya, so the same contact center tools can be used in hybrid scenarios and migrations. Agents and administrators continue using the same tools they are familiar with throughout the migration.

Organizations using ice for Skype for Business can conveniently connect with members of the global Skype community. People can use Skype from their smartphones, computers, TVs, and game consoles, so they are a click-to-call away from contact centers powered by ice. By supporting these interactions in a structured contact center environment, organizations can further differentiate the communications experience for customers, prospects, and partners.

Skype in your contact center

Organizations that use ComputerTalk’s ice as their contact center solution can handle inbound voice and instant messaging conversations from Skype, today. These organizations can also provide customers with contact center presence information, as well as click-to-call using Skype options on their websites, custom apps, or social media profiles. Because ice is architected to be native to Skype for Business, ComputerTalk is able to seamlessly deliver Skype and Skype for Business calls directly to customers.

Benefits from using ice Contact Center for Skype for Business

Every point of contact between your customers and your organization can have a large impact on people’s perception of your company. An enterprise-class system can improve the communication experience between these two groups. ice offers your contact center, your users, and your decision makers several features.

ice is a contact center productivity suite, composed of modules that work together to provide a seamless communication experience. These components work together to give you full enterprise-class contact center functionality.

An integrated interaction viewer. Agents, supervisors, and administrators can look up recorded and in progress interactions, view contact history, and perform evaluations.

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