How to share screen and send files in Skype?

If you are Skype account user then you know that you can communicate you’re your contacts in Skype in two additional ways as it offer you with sending instant messages, calls and videos and much more but the most liked are the  screen sharing, and file sending feature. The screen sharing feature that allow you to share live video of your computer screen at anytime anywhere this can help you in running business meetings. It’s a huge way to show how to do a meeting online if you are far away from some client. On the other hand you can send files to your contacts through this incredible feature you can send files of any size or type of file, that includes photos, presentations, and much more present on your system.

Here in this write up you will get steps for both the features.

How to share screen in skype?

  • First of all in order to make a voice call or video call you need to apply these steps.
  • Simply tap on the + button in the call window option available in the Skype screen, then tap on Share screens option.
  • After this the contact you are making a video call will be able to see live video of what you are sharing with the person including your desktop.
  • You can share the programs open to the contact.
  • To finish or end the video or screen sharing you can tap on stop sharing your screen, tap on the Stop sharing button.
  • Finally tap on the End Call button option available when you’re prepared to hang up.

How to send files in Skype?

  • First tap on the person to whom you want to send a file or document in the Contacts tab.
  • Now here the contact’s information will open .
  • You can see a paper clip option available in the options simply tap on that option.
  • This option helps you to send files from your computer that you have saved.
  • Choose the file that you want to send to your contact.
  • To opt for numerous files, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select files which you want to send.
  • Your contact will receive the file if he or she is online on Skype. If the contact is offline, then he or she will download the file later.

You can also use the + button to send files when you are on call.

Hopefully you can use these steps for share screen and send files in Skype and for further assistance you can dial toll free 1-800 Skype customer support number and get complete assistance for the same.

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