How To Set A Skype Chat So That New Arrivals See (Some) Chat History

This turns out to be ridiculously easy to do in a Skype group chat. An administrator for the chat simply has to type in the chat window:

After this, anyone joining the chat will see recent history. Per Skype’s FAQ on chat commands:

I’ve enabled this setting on a number of chats for which I am an admin, and it’s definitely helped newcomers come up to speed on what is being discussed in the chat. (Of course, some of those chats are very busy and so 400 messages may only take you back a very short period of time.)


P.S. Note that this is VERY different from the “” command in the IRC-style commands for Skype I recently wrote about. The “/history” command loads the chat history ON YOUR COMPUTER into the window for the chat. However, this history is only available for the time that you have been in the chat. You are NOT able to get the history of the chat before you joined. The only way to get that previous history automatically is if an admin set the option described in this post before you joined the chat. Once you are in a chat, the only real way to get chat history is to ask someone else to copy/paste their history either directly to you or in the chat itself.

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