How to Schedule Lync Online Meetings Using A Different User Identity

Guest Post from RealPage

The other day, Craig at RealPage Inc. contacted me with an unusual question about Lync user identities.

In short: They have two users. They want both users to be able to open an Administrative profile in their local Outlook and set Online Meetings. While still logged into their own Lync accounts.

They had this working for one user, but not the other. What did they need to do?

We gave them some advice – probably a Lync/Outlook configuration issue. But Craig industriously figured the problem out on his own. He was even kind enough to share his documentation with us.

Below you’ll find Craig’s solution, in guest post format. Take it away Craig!

Multi-user Lync Steps – Instructions on configuring Lync and Outlook to properly use multiple user identities in the same desktop login session

Say you need to schedule meetings using the Lync “Online Meeting” plugin, but you need those meetings and their corresponding Calendar info to be on a different account’s Calendar (the “Secondary Account”), and not your personal Calendar (the “Primary Account”). The scenario requires the manipulation and testing of several pieces in Lync and Outlook. These are:

  1. A new, separate Outlook profile complete with the credentials of the Secondary Account you wish to make the meeting under. Proper configuration of mailbox permissions is beyond the scope of this document; it’s assumed the user already has the necessary access to the mailbox.
  2. A successful login to Lync using the same credentials in Step 1 above. Proper login of the Lync client is assuming that the account has been properly built out in Lync Server.
  3. A successful Meeting creation within the Outlook profile created in Step 1, using the identical credentials logged into Lync in Step 2, using the “Online Meeting” button to confirm the connection information of the environment. *this is key, do not skip as it builds session credential cache info for later use*
  4. Log out of Lync as the Secondary profile, and log back into Lync as the Primary user account.
  5. Log out of Outlook, and back in as the Primary user and insure their “Online Meeting” button works as expected.

Configuration Instructions

  1. Log onto the user’s computer with their login.
  2. Build the new User profile on the Outlook client using the target Calendar user’s credentials. Configure the Profile management to “Prompt” so that you can choose which Outlook profile loads:
    Prompt Option for choosing Outlook profiles
  3. If the Lync account has already logged on, log off the Primary user from Lync.
  4. Login on Lync using the Secondary Account’s proper SIP account login.
    Secondary Account login

    If this is the first time you have logged in on Lync using the Secondary account, you should receive a re-prompt (as this credential will be in conflict with your Primary user profile that you have logged in on your desktop), enter the password for the Secondary account. **If you get an error here saying your credentials are incorrect, log in on the Lync Server and temporarily disable/re-enable the account in question. Then retry this step. 3rd credential prompt, you will need to supply it the Secondary Account’s AD login info ([domain name][username]) in the username field, as well as the password:

    3rd login prompt for Secondary Account user/pass

    There will be a 4th credential challenge; it will re-prompt for credentials, requiring you to enter the password one more time.

    4th credential challenge
  5. At this point, Lync should be started with the Secondary Account as active, while the Primary Account is still logged in on their desktop.
  6. Start Outlook and choose the new Secondary profile that you created in step 2, so you’re starting Outlook to use the same identity that is running in Lync.
  7. Create a new meeting and click the Lync “Online Meeting” button:
    Creating a Lync Online Meeting
  8. The info that populates in the Meeting info window should contain linking to the Lync account that is running.
    Setting an Online Meeting with the Secondary Account (Admin)
  9. Once that is done, you can cancel the meeting request. Sign out of Lync and close Outlook.
  10. Sign back into Lync using the Primary Account.
  11. Start Outlook and log back into the Secondary email profile.
  12. Your environment should now consist of
    • Primary account – logged in at the desktop.
    • Primary account – logged in on Lync.
    • Secondary account – active in the Outlook profile.
  13. In Outlook, create a new meeting. Click the “Online Meeting” button as in step 7.
  14. The results of that button press should be identical to your step 8 test. Functionality should be that the Lync “Online Meeting” button reflects the actively logged in profile *in Outlook*, and not who is logged in on Lync or logged in on the desktop.

And that’s it! Thanks Craig, for sharing your documentation with us. (And for the screenshots, they’re helpful.)

So now we know how to log into multiple Lync user identities from one desktop, and schedule Online Meetings.

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