How to Remove Skype Click to Call Plugin from Firefox, Chrome browsers

If you’ve installed Skype 6.0 on your Computer or upgraded to latest version from the old one, you should notice that Skype Click to Call plugin installed for Firefox, Chrome  and IE Internet Explorer browsers. In my Computer, Firefox 17 Beta disabled this plugin saying as incompatible, then how to remove this plugin and if you want to know what is this plugin and why it installed by Skype for browsers, its purpose and how to remove it from your Firefox, Chrome and Computer, this article sheds light on these.

What is Skype Click to Call?

Skype Click to Call is a web toolbar in the past, has been redesigned and now available as plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Skype offers this as standalone and includes with Skype installer. When Skype Click to Call is installed, browser recognizes names, phone numbers on websites & email messages and highlights them with Skype icon, you can make a call directly by clicking on that number.

Turn off Skype Click to Call functionality on web

You can disable Skype Click to Call functionality on web by signing into Skype on desktop, from Tools menu select options>Advanced and Uncheck “Use Skype to call callto:links on the web”.

Removing Skype Click to Call extension from Firefox, Chrome, IE browsers

It’s hard to remove these third-party extensions from browsers, same is the case with Skype Click to Call, it can’t be removed from Firefox, but can be easily done in Chrome browser.

Skype Click to Call Firefox disabled

If you don’t want this plugin at all, then uninstalling is best option I recommend to you.

1. Close all IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers if already running.

2. Open Control Panel>Programs and Features>Programs>Uninstall a program

3. Select ‘Skype Click to Call ‘and click ‘Uninstall’ button,

4. Setup window pops up asks you Change, Repair or remove, Click to Call installation, click on Remove button.

Change repair or remove Skype Click to Call

You should know, uninstalling Skype Click to Call doesn’t stop Skype from functioning.

Can’t uninstall Skype Click to Call? Then repair it and uninstall after that

If you get an error during uninstall, try to uninstall the program again and this time on Setup window, click on “ Repair” button which fixes missing and corrupt files, shortcuts, and registry entries. Then start uninstallation by clicking on ‘remove’ option on setup window.

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