How to Remove/Disable Banners

How to Remove/Disable Banners & Advertisements on Skype

Want to remove those annoying banners/advertisements in Skype? then read this simple tutorial on how easy to disable those ads…


Lets Get Started

Open up your Skype and login, go to Tools > Options


Next, click Notifications > Alerts & Messages, and then Uncheck Promotions


after that click the Save button, Logout from Skype and Exit from Taskbar right-click Skype icon then choose Quit Skype or Quit Skype via System Tray icons.


Now, Open your Skype and Login. Enjoy your Skype without banners or ads.

Update: Another way to remove those annoying ADS on your skype is to rename your default language file, this method goes credits to conoroneill

Just go to Tools > Change Language and from the bottom of choices click the down arrow until you see Edit Skype Language File

Other Way To Remove ADS on Skype

from the dialogue window, click Save As button then choose a folder location you want to save it to, We prefer to save it to Skype’s default install folder “C:Program FilesSkypePhone” or any folder you want and name it to any name you would like, e.g. NoSkypeAds.lang then Open the language file you saved using any text editor like notepad, now look for the line like in the image below;

Edit Skype Language File

Now, change English to any Text you want, in our example let’s change it to; NoSkypeAds It is recommended to change the language to the same name of our file how you save it. We name the language file to NoSkypeAds.lang so we have to name it also NoSkypeAds in s_LANGUAGE_NAME=  … Did you get it? ?

We are all done here, Save it and back in your Skype app, load your new defined language we edited, then enjoy skype with no ads.

No Skype Ads Tips

That’s all there is to it. Hope this may help you and please don’t hesitate to share this to your friends who is using skype and annoyed by those ads. Thank you. Don’t forget to keep your Skype up-to-date with the latest stable release.

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